The Postcard Killings Trailer

The Postcard Killings Trailer

Based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson

With a dozen film and television adaptations of his work already completed, James Patterson is one of Hollywood's most sought-after authors. The screen version of THE POSTCARD KILLINGS comes nine years after the publication of the novel The Postcard Killers – an acclaimed worldwide hit, selling over 5 million copies. Co-written with Liza Marklund, the partnership and narrative strands, highlighted a transatlantic focus and the pairing of two wildly successful crime writers. THE POSTCARD KILLINGS is directed by Danis Tanovic and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Cush Jumbo and Famke Janssen.

The film isn't just a spotlight on the darker aspects of human nature, it's also a twisted, intricate crime thriller. The regular cinemagoer today, you can argue, is more attuned to the rapid-fire action epics and studio blockbusters; it's been a while since an intelligent crime thriller has graced the screens and, sadly, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan notes, "audiences these days, I don't think, have a lot of patience." The beauty of the film lies in its multiple red herrings and a chronicle of a thorough investigation. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays hard New York City detective Jacob Kanon, who gets involved in a horrifying murder case for very personal reasons. While honeymooning in London, his daughter and son-in-law were brutally murdered and left methodically posed. He immediately heads to London to investigate the situation himself. He soon learns that similar crimes are occurring in various European countries, leading him on a nation-hopping expedition where he repeatedly butts heads with the local authorities.

As with most crime thrillers, the opportunity to discuss and debate has its benefits – the film stays with you long after it's over. It can also help define the genre. Just as Seven and The Silence of The Lambs are staples of crime horror/thriller, THE POSTCARD KILLINGS is "a good, old-fashioned thriller". Fans wanting an engaging serial killer movie with a few unexpected twists will find a lot to enjoy here.