The Illegitimate Love Children

The Illegitimate Love Children

What on earth happened after the after-party at Mardi Gras 1986? We're not sure but we're happy it did. In The Illegitimate Love Children of Bob Downe and Magda Szubanski we meet the illegitimate love children of Bob Downe and Magda Szubanski.

Come listen to these two miracle children as they sing and dance their way through explaining why they are the way they are. Come hear stories from their childhood, growing up with two Australian comedy icons. Indulge them as they drink in all the limelight they missed out on in the shadow of their parents. This is Benjamin and Carmel Downe's cry for attention.

Growing up as lovers of Australian comedy, Dan and Steph have always wanted to ride the coat tails of more successful comedians. With a particularly strong desire to sing like Bob Downe and make a difference like Magda Szubanski, they realised they could do at least one within a 60-minute show.

As an actual brother and sister duo, Dan and Steph perform with an authenticity that fictitious sibling duos could only dream of. Heavily biased towards physical comedy and at least one talented singer (Steph), this show is filled with all the best dance moves, classic songs, colourful costumes and polyester.

Accompanied by a sensational band of local musicians and headed by musical director, the amazing Boris Conley, prepare for the sights and sounds of your favourite P&O Caribbean cruise, but on land.

Venue: The Melba Spiegeltent, 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Dates: 31 March – 7 April
Times: 4:00pm Sunday, 8:45pm Saturday, 5:00pm Sunday
Ticket Prices: $22 - $25
Bookings: | At the door