The Feed: Ugly Food

The Feed: Ugly Food

The Feed: Ugly Food

Ugly food, the edible insect industry and some of the world's biggest stars next week on The Feed

Next week SBS 2's The Feed investigates how ugly produce is gaining popularity; explores Australia's edible insect industry; and Marc Fennell chats with some of the world's biggest stars. This and more next week on The Feed.

Odd Food

Every year, Australia wastes an estimated 8 -10 billion dollars' worth of food. It's a massive problem and one that starts at the farm, where a quarter of fruit and vegetables get thrown away simply because they don't fit the stringent specifications set by sellers and supermarkets. But two Australian supermarket chains have recently starting selling -ugly food' – cheaper fruit and vegetables that don't look perfect, but taste just as good as their cosmetically superior counterparts. With consumers saving money, and farmers getting a return for produce that would otherwise be wasted, it seems like a win-win – but what are the chances of -ugly food' making serious inroads into food waste? And could it actually be sending a message to consumers that might ultimately make things even worse?


Bugs Are The Future

Would you eat a bug?  In the future you might have to.  The Feed goes inside Australia's edible insect industry to meet the Aussie farmer riding the protein wave of a food revolution. But will bugs ever form a part of the mainstream cuisine? According to some, we don't have a choice and chances are you'll soon be eating them without even knowing.


Marc Fennell Grills The World's Biggest Stars

Marc Fennell meets Ice Cube and Ice Cube's son (Ice Chip?) O'Shea Jackson Jr. to discuss their new biopic Straight Outta Compton, the creation of N.W.A. and to find out why public beefs are a vital part of hip-hop history. Marc also sits down with indie rocker-band Foals to talk about why they'd like to destroy electronic dance music and YouTube sensations Post Modern Jukebox explain the art of reinventing popular songs from different eras.