Fresh Blood Pilot Season

Fresh Blood Pilot Season

Fresh Blood Pilot Season

ABC iview is pleased to announce that the entire five-part Fresh Blood Pilot Season will launch on Thursday September 17.


Fresh Blood is an ABC TV and Screen Australia initiative, created in 2013 to kick start the careers of young comedy writers, directors and performers. 


After considered deliberation, five comedy teams have been chosen from the 24 teams who delivered over 70 sketches in the first phase of Fresh Blood that screened on iview last year. The producers of one of the five pilots showcased during this season will be given the opportunity to produce their own series for ABC iview. 

In the running are five very different comedy pilots, created by seriously impressive, young Australian comedy talents. They are:


The Record – a black comedy that looks at the relationships between different couples, all of whom strive to achieve a world record. For some, it's their greatest achievement, for others a source of shame, but all are desperate to be recognised and remembered throughout history.


Fancy Boy – rooted in dark perspectives and a uniquely bold premise, the five interwoven sketches in Fancy Boy are based in pithy and unapologetic situations set up by the disturbed minds of a distinctive new comedy collective.


Aunty Donna – a narrative-to-sketch series following the fantastic and surreal lives of sketch troupe Aunty Donna. The series merges two different worlds: a day-to-day narrative following the three dysfunctional, unsuccessful sketch men, and the heightened, fantastical world of sketch.


BedHead – Nick (Paul Ayre) and Sophie (Sarah Bishop) are best friends who sleep together and agree it definitely (probably) doesn't mean anything. BedHead takes a cheeky peek under the sheets at the horrendously awkward and embarrassing things we get up to in the pursuit of love and sex.


Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am – a twisted sketch comedy, created from a uniquely female perspective. Using a variety of formats including sketches, vignettes and animations, Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am sets a tone of rapid fast-flowing comedy that packs a punch.