The Checkout Series 6

The Checkout Series 6

New Look, New Timeslot and New Segs!

Australia's leading - and only - satirical consumer affairs show, The Checkout, returns to ABC with 12 new 30 minute episodes on Tuesday 30 January 2018 with:

NEW LOOK! The Checkout has had an extreme makeover with new logo, show branding and theme music.
NEW TIMESLOT! after 5 years airing on Thursdays, The Checkout moves to Tuesday nights 8pm
NEW SEGS! like Shocking Savings, Craig Reucassel, fresh from the success of his War on Waste, hunts for practical ways to save you money on your power bills. Of course you'll need to have your TV on to find out how, but you're welcome to unplug it after!
And in What To Reject When You're Expecting, presenter and expectant mother Zoë Norton Lodge explores the questionable products flogged to expecting couples and recommends cheap, effective alternatives that aren't marketed to a Guilty Mum.

Series 6 also sees the return of old favourites such as Product vs Packshot, The Catch, Asterisk Man, Signs of the Times … and the outlet for viewer complaints FUtube.

And as always, the core of The Checkout will continue to be stories addressing all manner of consumer issues that directly affect your life… and will help save you money. Topics on the menu including buying a TV, bed sheets, and bread; aged care; life insurance in superannuation; and dealing with the challenge/horror of building your own home.

Each episode will tackle issues that face all of us when we open our wallets - identifying ways consumers are being taken advantage of, manipulated and ripped off… even if there's nothing illegal about it.

The Checkout team for series 6 is: Mark Sutton, David Cunningham, Alex Lee, Scott Abbot, Craig Reucassel, Ben Jenkins, Kirsten Drysdale, Julian Morrow and Zoë Norton Lodge.

The Checkout is a co-production between Giant Dwarf, CJZ and ABC TV.