The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in

The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in

The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in

A sparkling twist on a much-loved classic will become Melbourne's latest entertainment sensation, with The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in launching Boxing Day (26 December 2016).


Located within Dockland's Harbour Town precinct, this twin drive in cinema will embody all the excitement, romance and nostalgia of a traditional Drive-in, set against a 360-degree view of Melbourne's dazzling city lights.


With 40 years combined experience in cinematic exhibition and distribution, The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in is the latest initiative from Tony Ianiro and Mark D'Angelo, founders of The Backlot Studios, Australia's first private cinema and events space in Southbank.


From its elevated CBD site, The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in will showcase first-release films, encompassing all genres, via staggered evening sessions across two giant, state-of-the art raised screens.  Each field will accommodate 65 vehicles and has been designed for optimum viewing, with consideration for vehicle height variances.


DCI compliant Christie projectors will compliment the venue's world-class sound system, which will be broadcast to vehicles via restricted FM transmitters.


And for those who prefer to experience the Drive-in alfresco without a car, there will be an intimate -blue-deck' seating area with sound received through headphones provided by the venue.


Tickets will be available to purchase online via -Veezi' or at the venue, which will also feature an array of tantalising food options as well as a candy bar offering staple movie-treats such as choc tops and popcorn.


Backlot founders, Tony Ianiro and Mark D'Angelo said, 'We aren't reinventing the wheel as Drive-ins have operated in Australia for decades. The objective of The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in was to manufacture a model for cinemagoers whereby such an offering could be introduced to major inner-cities with Melbourne Docklands being the first".


With a new generation set to experience this enduring concept, reimagined for the 21st century, The Backlot Rooftop Drive-in will commence trading on 26 December 2016.


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