Thalgo’s Christmas Gift packs

Tropical breezes, azure oceans and island dreams

Thalgos Christmas Gift packs are made of these.

Treat your loved ones to a slice of island paradise with a selection of wonderful Christmas Gift Packs from Thalgos Islands of the World. The range has been inspired by the ice flow of the Adelie Island, a pristine island hideaway in the Antarctic and the Paradise Islands of French Polynesia -renowned for their immense natural beauty.

The mystical beauty of far off island destinations comes packaged in these unique gifts, guaranteed to whisk you away onto your own island of indulgence. Thalgos Christmas 2008 gift selection offers something special for men and women - for all those in your life who deserve an extraordinary gift.

Created to suit individual skin needs, each gift-set contains a variety of Thalgo products incorporating themes of moisture, relaxation and luxury. Finally, to complete the perfect gift, each set is presented in an elegant, re-useable Beauty Box and retails for a limited-time price with exceptional savings.

"Waterfall Island"
Hydration - first lines

The perfect gift for dehydrated skin in need of moisture and relaxation.

Collagen cream - 50ml jar
Relaxing Cream - 30ml tube
Absolute Rehydrating Serum - 15 ml tube
Moisture Quenching Mask - 15ml tube

RRP $127.00
Value $191.00
Save $64.00

"Arctic Island"
Oxygen - radiance

For skin that needs a breath of fresh air - restores radiance to the complexion and improves micro- circulation.

Oxygen Cream - 50ml jar
Oxygen Serum - 15 ml tube
Oxygen Mask - 15ml tube
Freshness Exfoliator - 30 ml tube

RRP $137.00
Value $192
Save $55.00

"Eternity Island"
Anti-ageing - Wrinkle Control

Mature skin will love this package with concentrated ingredients to smooth and revitalise the skin.

Wrinkle Control Smoothing Care - 50ml jar
Wrinkle Control Smoothing Concentrate - 15ml tube
Wrinkle Control Fundamental Mask - 2 sachets
Revitalising Eye Contour Cream - 15ml tube

RRP $147.00
Value $258.00
Save $111.00

"Exceptional Island"
Anti-ageing - Exceptional Care

This rare and precious skincare package is rich in Natural Algae Hormones and acts simultaneously on all the signs of ageing on over 40s skin for an Exceptional beauty result.

Exceptional Cream - 50ml jar
Exceptional Serum - 30ml bottle
Exceptional Eyes - 1.5ml mini-tube

RRP $277
Value $392.00
Save $115

"Island of Origins"
Ocean Memory - Body Care

Prepare the skin for summer in your spa at home using these beautiful products to set the mood for indulgence.

Deep Sea Scrub - 100ml tube
Ocean Memory Cream -100ml tube
Ocean Bath Sensation -125g bottle
Ocean Memory Candle - 75g

RRP $87.00
Value $122
Save $35

"At Sea"
Thalgomen - Mens skincare

Let the men in your life understand the power of vitality, freshness and well being by introducing them to energising skin care designed just for them.

Regenerating Cream - 30ml bottle
After - Shave Balm - 50ml tube
Wake Up Shower Gel - 100ml tube

RRP $87.00
Value $173.00
Save $86.00