Thalgo Regard d'Exception

Thalgo Regard d'Exception

Exceptional eye care for women

As women mature so should their skincare regime. Now thanks to the new Thalgo Regard d'Exception, women can be assured their eyes will never reveal more than they intend.

With hormone deficiencies associated with menopause and oestrogen changes, skin gradually decreases its self-regulating and repairing functions including cell renewal, oxygenation and elasticity. This results in skin suffering from dryness, deep wrinkles and a loss of radiance.

Mature skin changes as follows:

1. Epidermis - cellular renewal slows down causing the skin to become thinner and show signs of ageing more easily

2. Basal layer - hyaluronic acid levels decrease, resulting in correct levels of hydration diminishing and loss of skin 'plumpness'

3. Dermis - deterioration of elastin fibres resulting in skin slackening as well as wrinkles and lines becoming increasingly noticeable

New Thalgo Regard d'Exception

Specifically formulated to re-activate the skin's natural functions, Thalgo Regard d'Exception helps combat wrinkles, loss of tone and replenishes the delicate eye area for women 40+.

Utilising a powerful natural marine extract, Regard d'Exception assists cellular renewal, helps to fight the skin ageing process and counteracts the visual side effects of hormone deficiencies present in mature age women.

The silky, light-textured emulsion is formulated to create a 'lifting effect' and with regular use, gradually smoothes and promotes elasticity of the sensitive eye skin. A pleasure to apply, Thalgo Regard d'Exception has a delicate marine freshness and rose-iris floral notes.

To keep skin looking and feeling its optimal best, Thalgo has combined their trademark ingredients to combat each sign of skin ageing:
Argireline® - has a dermo-relaxing action that helps prevent the appearance of expression lines for a more youthful radiance
Moist24® - to aid in skin plumping
Matrixyl® - deeply hydrates, promotes elasticity and suppleness
Polylift® - forms an elastic film to smooth the skin and provide a 'lifting' effect
Natural Algae Hormones - firms and revitalises the appearance of skin whilst intensely hydrating
Mango Butter - extracted from the kernel of the fruit it hydrates, nourishes, protects and softens
Wheat Germ Oil - acts as an anti-oxidant

For best results gently smooth around the eye area mornings and evenings.

15ml - RRP $120

Stockists - (02) 9477 6900

Review: Thalgo Regards d'Exeption is specifically designed for women in their 40s, I have always thought with skin it is always best to start early. Especially due to the fact that I am a redhead and decided in my early teens, that I was not going through secondary school with out a tan.

I recently got onto Regards d' Exception and found it well exceptional. I am 36 and am starting to get those fine lines around the eyes that don't go away when I stop smiling, they go nicely with my frowning ones.
When I tried Thalgo's new eye cream I got the tightness I was looking for straight away, and I needed it that day. I also have found that even in the short time that I have been using it, I look less tired, and the skin under my eyes looks less puffy. DK