Sunscreen Stations

Sunscreen Stations

Can Too Foundation Teams Up With Sunscreen Stations Australia To Help Protect More Aussies From Skin Cancer

Australia continues to have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world at 12 times more than the global average. While increased awareness of sun safety over the years has been effective to a degree, and using sunscreen regularly has been proven as one of the best methods for preventing melanoma, why then aren't more Aussies using it?

Innovative new organisation, Sunscreen Stations Australia, has identified that the solution lies in providing people with sunscreen at the exact time when they need it most – outdoors. They've now partnered with Can Too Foundation and will be rolling out a series of automatic sunscreen stations in beaches, parks, schools, workplaces and other outdoor locations.

"Research shows that if Australians used just five percent more sunscreen each year, by 2031 there would be 28,071 fewer incidences of melanoma a year," says Ed Joris, General Manager and Founder of Sunscreen Stations Australia.

"For most people the intention is there to use sunscreen, but if they run out or have forgotten it, they often don't. By providing easy access to sunscreen directly at the point of need though, we can help more Aussies step up their sun safety habits. We're absolutely delighted to have Can Too on board with us for our launch and together we hope we can really make a difference in reducing skin cancer rates in Australia."

The initial two-year partnership between Can Too Foundation and Sunscreen Stations Australia will see both organisations working together to increase community awareness around the importance of sun protection all year round. A number of stations will also be Can Too branded with opportunities for transaction royalties to go towards the charity's research funds.

"We're really excited about working with Sunscreen Stations Australia on this innovative new skin cancer preventative initiative, which will complement other existing methods such as regular skin check-ups. In order to lower skin cancer mortality, programs like this are crucial for reducing UV exposure early in life," says Peter McLean, CEO of Can Too Foundation.

"One area in particular we're thrilled about is the possibility of providing free sunscreen in schools via the stations. We'll also be using the data Sunscreen Stations Australia gathers from their stations to help develop and refine other initiatives to help reduce skin cancer rates in Australia."

Over the coming months Sunscreen Stations Australia will begin installing stations in outdoor locations throughout Australia with the goal to have one in every major beach, school, park, workplace and outdoor event in the next five years.

The sunscreen stations are:
• Convenient – Forgot your sunscreen? No worries. The stations are designed for easy access with a simple 3 step process and affordable cashless payment at all kinds of outdoor locations, so you'll never be caught short again.
• Effective – Up to 4 hours of sun protection with TGA approved SPF50+ sunscreen that's safe for sensitive skin and stored in optimal conditions thanks to a built-in cooling system (sunscreen in containers exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures can lose its protection abilities).
• Sustainable – One station holds the equivalent of 100 standard single-use plastic sunscreen containers. The sunscreen ingredients are also safe for the marine eco system.
• High-tech – The stations feature smart technology to lower energy consumption and effectively manage the maintenance schedule to reduce the carbon footprint.

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