Sunescape Self Tan Kit

Sunescape Self Tan Kit

Sunescape Self Tan Kit

Australians are living up to their sun-bronzed status the safe way, with 87% of women now using fake tan, according to a survey commissioned by Australian-made, Born-in-Bondi sunless tanning brand Sunescape. Yet despite the high up-take of fake tan usage across the country, 82% of women confess to having experienced a DIY tanning disaster.


The survey, which generated insights from 600 women over the age of 18, also revealed that while 84% of women want people to think their fake tan is real, 1 in 4 admit they 'seriously suck" at applying fake tan.
'We know that 60 percent of Australian women, myself included, use self-tanning products outside of summer, which means we have the potential to run into a fake tanning disaster all year round!" said Lisa Williams, co-founder of Sunescape and self-proclaimed -tannorexic'.

'Women identified their number one fake tanning fear as patchy application (22%), followed by the 'dreaded orange glow" (21%) and ending up with a fake and obvious tan (17%) came in at a close third," said Lisa. 'But the good news is – there are some simple solutions to avoid falling prey to these fake tanning pitfalls."


Hydrating Self-Tan Mousse, RRP $39.95/180mL

Containing hydration boost technology and available in two 'destinations", Week in Fiji or Month in Maui (coming soon), Sunescape's super-lightweight, non-sticky, velvety self-tan mousse will transform skin in an instant. Easy to apply with the Sunescape Tan Applicator Mitt (RRP $9.90), achieve a streak-free, radiant bronzed tan in minutes, which will develop into a deeper natural colour within three to four hours. 


Enriched with conditioning macadamia nut, coconut, and avocado oils to keep skin hydrated, the Hydrating Self Tan Mousse contains added antioxidants from green tea, kakadu plum, grape seed extract and vitamin E help to nourish and protect skin from premature ageing.  Scented with coconut to inspire thoughts of the perfect tropical escape, the Hydrating Self-Tan Mousse is fast-drying and fades evenly, without any patchiness.


Hydrating Body Butter, RRP $29.95/200mL

This rich and indulgent body butter is infused with cocoa and shea butters and exotic nut oils to lock in moisture and instantly hydrate skin. With a light, creamy texture, the Hydrating Body Butter absorbs quickly, allowing the vitamin E, jojoba oil, argan oil and green tea extracts to nourish and repair skin, while helping to extend the life of your Sunescape tan. 


Hydrating Shower Gel, RRP $19.95/200mL

With a kiwi, avocado and passionflower infusion, Sunescape's Hydrating Shower Gel has been specifically formulated to extend the life of all Sunescape tans. PH balanced and free from soap and sulphates, it is packed with nourishing natural ingredients and hydrating oils to ensure skin remains hydrated, soft, refreshed and rejuvenated, both before and after tan application.

Patch Up Patchiness:
The biggest fake tan phobia amongst respondents is looking patchy, however with the right preparation patchiness is simple to avoid. 'The key to an even tan starts with the preparation," says Lisa. 'Skin must be thoroughly exfoliated, clean and free from any perfume, oils, lotions and deodorant before application," she says.

Get Your Mitts On:
'Surprisingly, while many tanning blunders can be avoided by using an applicator mitt, nearly 50% of respondents didn't even know what a tanning mitt was," says Lisa. 'Applying fake tan with your bare hands is a recipe for disaster so invest in a self tan applicator mitt and dispense one pump of mousse to the mitt, focussing on one area of your body at a time. Tanning mitts allow you to make quick sweeping motions while you blend the tan, making it super simple to avoid streaking and patchiness."

Step Away From The Orange:
According to Lisa, the key to looking less 'Oompa Loompa" and more 'ooh la la", really depends on the formula of the fake tan that you use. 'Part of the reason we developed Sunescape was because we found it really hard to find a tan that didn't have an orange undertone," said Lisa. While you can't tell if a tan will offer an orange glow by looking at it, it's a good idea to try different tans through patch testing before you lather it everywhere. 'Simply apply a small amount of the tan somewhere inconspicuous, like the inside of your arm, to see if the colour is suitable," Lisa advises.

In other good news, with 30% of respondents voting mousse as the easiest tanning formula to apply, Sunescape makes it super-simple to get your glow on any time of year, with its Hydrating Self-Tan Mousse in two shades, Week in Fiji and Month in Maui (RRP $39.95). Additionally, Sunescape's Hydrating Shower Gel (RRP $19.95) and Hydrating Body Butter (RRP $29.95) help to extend the life of your tan and Sunescape's specially designed Applicator Mitt (RRP $9.90) and Tan Removal Mitt (RRP $19.95) ensure you'll be on your way to fool-proof application in no time!

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