Olay's Complete Defence Collection

Olay's Complete Defence Collection

Olay's Complete Defence Collection

The importance of using sun protection all year around is vital, especially since one in 19 Australians are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma before the age of 85. Olay's Complete Defence collection gentle, lightweight formula can be easily incorporated into your skincare routine and protect your skin from sun damage all year round.

We know that the strong UVA and UVB rays in the Australian summer can be harmful to the skin, but with the hot weather expected to continue into autumn and winter, no time like the present to be thinking about a skincare regime that will protect your skin in the unseasonal sun.

The Olay Complete Defence collection consists of three elements that work together to leave skin soft and healthy:

Broad Spectrum UV Protection

The ingredients that make up the solar activated sun protection both in action and in the UV rays they protect skin from.  As a result, they protect skin against both UVA and UVB rays.

Olay Moisture

Glycerin is one of the key ingredients which means it has a great affiliation for bonding with water.  When applied to the skin via the Complete formulation, it binds water in the skins upper layer to lock in moisture and nourish the skin.

Skin Pampering Vitamins

Infused with aloe, green tea extract and contains nourishing vitamin E, Pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin B3 as the final part of its formula.  Vitamin E is a well-known anti-oxidant which helps to protect skin from the potentially damaging effects of free radicals.

The Olay Complete Defence 30+ Lotion has also been listed as the only daily moisturising formula in Australia to have gained the Skin Cancer Foundation New York's International Seal of Recommendation, infusing sensitive skin with moisture and helping protect it against damaging sun rays for skin that looks healthier and younger.


Complete Defense SPF30+ Daily Moisturising Lotion – Normal and Sensitive
Olay Complete Defence SPF30+ is enriched with Olay moisturisers for daily hydration and SPF30+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection, to protect against premature ageing and the damaging effects of daily UV exposure.
RRP $14.69

Complete Defense SPF 15 Daily Moisturising Lotion –Sensitive and Combination/Oily
Olay Complete UV Defence SPF 15 Moisturising Lotion has a light, non-greasy formula that provides moisture while protecting your sensitive skin from daily sun exposure.
RRP $14.69

Complete UV Defense SPF 15 Moisturising Cream Normal/Dry and Sensitive
Olay Complete UV Defence Moisturising Cream SPF 15 is richer than Olay Complete UV Normal/Dry Lotion SPF 15, providing intense, long-lasting hydration for drier skin types. The rich moisturising complex nourishes dry, dehydrated skin, providing a smooth complexion every day of the year.
RRP $14.69

Complete Night Cream
Works overnight to enhance skins natural moisture barrier helping to minimize moisture loss the next day and improve the healthy look of your skin.
RRP $14.69

Complete SPF 15 Touch Of Foundation Fair and Medium
This daily moisturiser with a hint of Max Factor foundation hydrates skin for up to 24 hours and evens out your complexion for a light, effortless look you can wear every day.
RRP $14.69


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