Sugar and Stars Movie

Sugar and Stars Movie

Directed by Sébastien Tulard


Based on champion pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahem's own autobiography and starring Algerian-born social media influencer Riadh Belaïche, comes a story of struggle and triumph above all else. 

Ever since childhood, all Yazid ever wanted was to cook delicious desserts and provide for his adoptive family. At night he gazes longingly at the pictures of his favourite pastry chefs on the wall before he drifts off to sleep – propelled forward by his dream of becoming a great chef just like his heroes.

Securing an apprenticeship at a prestigious Parisian restaurant, he must suddenly learn to navigate the elitist pastry world under the guidance of the chefs he so idolises. Throughout his journey, Yazid must grapple with homelessness, family issues and a lack of belonging, completely set on his goal - to compete for Paris at the International Pastry championship.

With his talent and the support of true friends, Yazid might just be one step closer to finding the secret ingredient to achieving his dreams - against all odds.




Rating: M

Running Time: 110 minutes





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