Strip Clean Laundry Detergent

Strip Clean Laundry Detergent

Largest Range of Laundry Detergent Sheets

Strip Clean is the leading brand for laundry detergent sheets. Our Laundry detergent sheets comes in fragrance-free or for those who prefer fragrance we offer vast range of laundry scents, all at great prices. Order online today and receive free shipping on orders over $75!


Our customers' noses can't get enough of our four incredible laundry sheet scents: Fresh Linen, Peony, Sweet Floral and Fragrance-Free.


Laundry sheets Looking for a more convenient laundry solution? Strip Clean are the perfect alternative to traditional detergent. Our award-winning laundry sheets dissolve in water and get straight to work, without all the spills and mess. Plus, as a bonus they are simple to use just toss with your clothes in the washing machine. So why not make your laundry day a breeze with Strip Clean?


How to use Strip Clean: Use half a sheet for regular load, or a whole sheet for a full load.  Load the washer and Strip Clean in.  Start wash.  Strip Clean dissolves completely, for a clean and tracelss wash.


So how do they compare?

Review: Only have good things to report, easy to use, no powder or liquid mess. Takes up less storage room and the eco friendly.  But the important one is how did it wash, brilliant! no trace of the remaining sheet, clothes came out clean and smelling like fresh linen, love it. Revolutionary product Strip Clean, get around it everyone, life/laundry changer!  On an up side they would be easy to travel with, slip a couple of sheets into a zip lock bag and you are prepared for your holiday wash at any moment.

Strip Clean 160 sheets $61.60

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