Want to spice up your home decor? Look out for these top trends in 2023

Want to spice up your home decor? Look out for these top trends in 2023

Do you feel like your home decoration could use a makeover? Well, lucky for you, a new year presents new opportunities to spice up your home decor and add a more unique and inviting flair to your living spaces. In this article, we'll walk you through six of the most popular home decor trends of 2023 you definitely want to keep your eyes on.


What are the top home decor trends of 2023?

The year 2023 is full of new and exciting trends that are sure to give your home a refreshing feeling that is full of personality. The minimalist era is well on its way out, and now it's time for the unique curves, inviting colours and interesting details to shine. Each new trend achieves this in its own unique way. So, what are they all about? Below, we've listed some of the top home decor trends that'll surely define this year:


#1 Living it up in luxury

What seems to be the common headline for 2023 is that people generally seem to be tired of simply sticking with big white spaces and minimalist home decor and are instead going for a more expressive touch.


One of the defining home decor trends of this year is luxe living, where you want to bring a more luxurious vibe to your home. And don't worry - the trend isn't about splashing out on the most expensive items you could possibly find or going big on glamour. Instead, luxe living is about creating a refined, elevated look that feels calm and warm yet also sophisticated. Fill the space with soft plush rugs and seating, layered lighting, and combine neutral nuances with luxe materials like silk, velvet and linen.


#2 The comeback of colourful spaces

Colours are a great way to create a truly personalised space. And you no longer need to stick with the neutral nuances. Bring in rich, warm colours for your home decor, bedding and painting. Warm earth tones are also very much in. Especially colours like brown and a darker shade of pink. But green will surely also further make its way into many homes.


#3 Turn up the textures

Another great way to spice up your home this year is by introducing more texture and making the materials' natural qualities shine to add more interest and an organic feel to the room. Raw, natural and tactile textures are very much in, and whether you decorate with wood, marble stone or other organic materials, the more exaggerated the texture and character, the better.


#4 Bring your holiday home with you

Over the last couple of years, the ability to travel has been highly limited. That's why many have tried to recreate their favourite holiday destinations at home and make them become their own little everyday getaway. That's why we're seeing more people decorate their homes with the aim of capturing the vibe of places such as a romantic southern European villa, an inviting mountain lodge, or an exotic beach house - just to name a few examples.


#5 Indoor-outdoor living

In a sort of continuation of a couple of the previously mentioned trends, the focus here is on further merging your indoor and outdoor spaces for a luxuriously-feeling staycation. The outdoor area and patio are transformed into cozy spaces with big lounging areas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and more. The aim is also to let you connect closer with nature outside and create your own little oasis at the back of the house.


#6 Reviving the mid-to-late 20th century

The fashion industry tends to find its inspiration from previous decades, as we have also seen plenty of examples in recent years. 2023's home decor trends follow in many of the same footsteps, offering its own takes on 60/70s interior style and 90s decor, respectively. A key part of the trend is also bringing new life into old vintage pieces and making them a defining element in the home decoration style.

The '60s and '70s style home decor trend is full of statement-making pieces that are defined by more obscure shapes, enthralling textures and natural materials. The dark wooden details that were everywhere in the 1970s also find their way back into 2023's kitchens and bathrooms, as well as various furniture and decor.  


The historical love letter doesn't end there. The warm neutral nuances of the '90s are also making a comeback. Here, colours like beige, brown and cream take centre stage in creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 


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