Sortd App - Browse Save Compare and Share

Sortd App - Browse Save Compare and Share

Sortd App solves indecisive online shopping 'saves' with innovative technology, earning online brands the chance to convert an $18 billion* loss into a sale

Online shopping is nothing new to fashion-hungry individuals. But too much choice can leave consumers confused when keeping track of their options often resulting in feeling overwhelmed and eventually,  abandoning their cart.

The inefficient system of "hearted," "wish listed" or "saved" has seen consumers forced to adopt an archaic saving system for curating their coveted items with 87%* of fashion shoppers abandoning cart because they simply could not be bothered, resulting in an incredible $18B loss** in potential revenue for retailers.

But now, two Sydney-based millennial friends are on a mission to simplify the way that we shop online, assisting shoppers to make informed and efficient purchases, and in turn, drive more revenue for online retailers.


Born out of the frustrations of online shopping, Jodine Wolman, 27 and Alexis Aaron, 26 have now launched the online shopping App Sortd which allows users to save, compare options, share, collaborate and check out all in one platform, from thousands of e-commerce sites. When surveying their beta audience this year, 85%*** of consumers revealed that their methods included using tabs, screenshots, and sending links to friends to keep track of their much-coveted items with 75%*** admitting to losing or forgetting items that they originally desired. 

They knew that they had a problem to solve. So, they created a solution not only for the shoppers, but also for the retailers.

Sortd is an App that consolidates the overwhelming options for consumers when shopping online. The user can simply use the App's browser to save items or the "save from anywhere" feature (TikTok, Instagram, Safari), compare their options, share their curated shopping list with friends and then check out.


Sortd is affiliated with well-known retailers including The Iconic, Farfetch, Shopbop, Princess Polly, Cotton:On, Stax, to name a few (and hundreds more). For the User however, Sortd has ensured they can save from any online store, even from brands they are not affiliated with.

So how does it work for retailers? The affiliate marketing structure allows Sortd to earn commission for every purchase. For retail partnerships, Sortd is a lead generation and advertising tool. Sortd push and incentivise consumers to buy products from brands they would have otherwise forgotten to do or might not know about. In addition to offering strong connections and insights into customer behaviour, Sortd can target and advertise to customers based on their shopping habits, further encouraging them to purchase.

"The intention is to grow the online sales for our retail partners and provide an exceptional and seamless online shopping experience for customers," Alexis explains. "In a social media driven world, we often see the final fashion item that everyday consumers and influencers wear when they splash it on their social feed. But what if we could give consumers insight into individual's short list items to help other consumers make informed decisions when purchasing?" Alexis questions.

"We want to empower everyday consumers to connect with other like-minded shoppers. The individual does not need to have a big name on social media but can use their curated list of items and profile on Sortd to help other shoppers decide what to buy, providing inspiration and collaborate with other people across Australia and eventually, the world," Alexis Aaron from Sortd explains.

"Over the next few months, we are focusing on building features that incentivise people to share their lists and help view other like-minded shoppers shortlisted items allowing other users to follow and identify with shoppers who have similar size, interests and style," Alexis explains.

On a mission to create a better way to shop online, globally, co-founder Jodine has pooled her skills in leading operations, design, UX and partnerships while Alexis has used her skills as a solicitor in commercial law specialising in start-ups and her extensive experience in retail and logistics to create the ultimate online shopping tool. And of course, their combined passion for online shopping certainly assisted in their development.

Sortd is available at The App Store. For more information visit




***Survey conducted by Sortd with 500 female users aged 8-35.


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