Snow Comes From Italy and Space

Snow Comes From Italy and Space

In an impossibly cute video launched today on YouTube, snow is spelt snno and sone and comes all the way from Italy, space and Santa according to Australian kids!


After discovering almost five million Australians have never seen snow, Thredbo found a group of kids who fit this group to see just how much (or little) they know about the wonderful, mysterious thing that is snow. 


Gauging their insights and understanding around something they've always wanted to experience but haven't had the chance, the group of Aussie kids had some hilarious suggestions and priceless explanations, with one even believing snow 'tastes like lemon."


The video's inquisitive and adorable subjects even had a go at figuring out how to use snow equipment – skis became slippery slides, boots became building blocks and goggles were worn as a fashion accessory. Jolly old St Nicholas was also a highlight amongst kids, because 'he's full of snow" of course! 


Showing just how intriguing snow and young inquisition can be, the video captures the pure innocence of kids in a hilarious way and highlights just how much a magical trip to the snow will change their lives (and then they'll 'pack it [snow] up to take home and sleep with!").


Proving that dreams do come true, Thredbo is taking each of the kids featured in the video and their families to experience their first snow holiday this winter. And for an extra treat, they will each be receiving lessons and tips from Thredbo Snow Ambassador and Winter Olympic Gold Medallist, Torah Bright.


'I can't wait to watch these kids see snow for the first time. Whether it's having a snowball fight, building a snowman in the snow play area or taking their first crack at snowboarding or skiing, this experience will be once in a lifetime for them. Snow is magical and I know the kids will love it," said Torah.


This winter at Thredbo, it's all about getting everyday Australians and their families and friends to come down and enjoy the magic of snow – especially if it's their first time. A resort awarded for its family-friendly features, events and programs, Thredbo makes planning a snow holiday easy with packages and experiences tailored specifically to first-timers and families. Key highlights include:


A free snow play area where kids and families can build snowmen, go tobogganing, tubing or have a snowball fight – no ski pass required;

Discounted kids pricing that applies to everyone under 18;

Kids Ski Free periods during the season;

Kids Ski and Stay Free accommodation packages;

A dedicated beginners area which has been extended for the 2015 winter season; and

The Torah Bright Beginner's Pack which includes lift passes, lessons and equipment rental.


To accompany the video, Thredbo has also today launched a major competition allowing Australians to nominate families who have yet to experience a snow holiday.  To nominate someone now, visit Thredbo's Become A Snow Angel page.


View the video via Thredbo's YouTube channel.  For more information on Thredbo, visit or call 1300 020 589. Follow Thredbo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.