Vital Protection for Summer Skin in Just 15 Minutes

Skinvitals Summer Saviours to Keep Your Skin in Shape this Summer Skinvitals, the new face of skin care, has expanded its range of facial treatment masks to include three new products - Z-Control, A-Whiten, and Eye-Revive. The range extensions are avaluable addition to a summer skin beauty regime and complement Skinvitals existing rangeof cloth facial masks, delivering serious skin care, hydration and revitalisation in one simplestep.

Z-Control is a balancing, refining and matifying mask suitable for skin that suffers from openpores, congestion, excess oiliness and shine. The Zinc in Z-Control helps to balance oilproduction and purify the pores to eliminate bacteria while the Oatmeal deposits oil absorbersin the pores and on the skins surface. This effectively mops up oil and bacteria, keeping theskin matt and preventing further breakouts.

A-Whiten works to prevent pigmentation caused by sun damage by soothing and lighteningthe skin and helping to minimise the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tones.Australias UV levels are extremely high and in turn, sun damage is having a vast effect onAustralians and their skin. After an excessive bout of sun worshipping, A-Whiten instantly revivesand replenishes the integrity of the skin. The key ingredient of this mask is Chamomile, whichhas calming, relaxing and softening properties to soothe skin, particularly after sun exposure.A-Whiten uses Arbutin to counteract the production of the enzyme tyrosinase, which acts onthe skin cells to produce melanin (which can cause pigmentation if over-produced). Arbutinmay also have the ability to absorb UVB and UVC light when present in the skin cells, thusproviding another line of defence to prevent the skin from darkening.

After the craziness of the silly season and the summer partying that follows, the Eve-Revivetreatment mask is a fast and useful treatment that effectively replenishes the eye area,revitalising and instantly refreshing the skin from tiredness and dehydration. ContainingHyaluronic Acid, Cucumber and Grape Seed Oil, Eye-Revive boosts circulation to keep skinsupple and vibrant and is a perfect way to treat your skin to a post-party pick-me-up.These three new masks are available in all K-Mart stores nationally with other retailers to follow.Single sachets are $3.95 rrp and value packs of three sachets (for multi-use) are $9.95 rrp. Thecurrent Skinvitals range (minus the three new additions) is available at Kmart, Target, Priceline,Big W, Terry White and selected pharmacies nationally.

About Skinvitals

Using the most advanced, clinically proven, skin enhancing cosmeceutical ingredients, each hygienicallysealed Skinvitals cloth mask saturates the skin with a concentrated boost of skin brightening Hydrolite-5,Hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants, vitamins and botanicals.

Skinvitals unique cloth application system, developed by leading Japanese skin technologists, cleverlytraps a precise dose of nourishing, active and fresh cosmeuceutial serum onto the skin, without fuss orwastage. Used weekly to enhance your beauty regime, Skinvitals delivers serious skincare, hydration andrevitalization, in one simple step. Visit for more information on the Skinvitals range.