Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day

With an increasing number of Australian women saying they're happier being single and recent research revealing that solo females are healthier than those in relationships, it has never been a better time to boycott the overly commercialised Valentine's Day and celebrate the sweet independence of singledom on Singles Awareness Day with a cute pet to cuddle up to.

TrustedHousesitters offers single travellers the companionship of a pet all year round through its global house and pet sitting platform. Members and solo female travellers Penny Benjamin and Madolline Gourley are all true advocate for women independence, not just on February 15, but all year round.

This Singles Awareness Day Penny and Madolline will celebrate their independence with the company of adorable pets from TrustedHousesitters.
Aside from being brave enough to travel the world solo, the two women are all digital nomads and run their own businesses which most of them operate on the road.

NAME: Penny Benjamin
AGE: 30
OCCUPATION: Business Owner (health & fitness consulting firm)

NAME: Madolline Gourley
AGE: 28
OCCUPATION: Online Communications Government Contractor