Sia Hendry You By Sia Interview

Sia Hendry You By Sia Interview

Sia Hendry You By Sia Interview

Question: What are your top three skincare products for 2016?

Sia Hendry: Minc, Release, Erase.

Question: How can we protect our skin in Winter?

Sia Hendry: Still use a sunblock. Use serums that hydrate as well as 'lock' in moisture by creating a breathable barrier. Drink plenty of water.

Question: How does heaters affect our skin?

Sia Hendry: Heat can cause moisture evaporation loss though the surface of the skin. This can make our skin look dehydrated and increase fine lines and wrinkles. Use serums that hydrate as well as 'lock' in moisture by creating a breathable barrier.

Question: What are your top five anti-ageing products?

Sia Hendry: Release, Minc, Shift Am, Alleviate PM, Erase.

Question: How important is using an eye cream?

Sia Hendry: The facial serum you use should be light enough to go under and around your eyes. If it can't go under your eyes, it should go anywhere on your face!

The only time you can add an eye serum is to increase circulation when suffering from dark circles. Our Revive is perfect for that.

Question: What motivated you to establish You By Sia?

Sia Hendry: My love and drive to slow down the aging process and help others with their skin concerns by delivery visible results!

Question: What is skin needling?

Sia Hendry: This is a process where we create tiny microleasion through the skin. BY doing this we put the skin into its wound repair response and collagen and elastin are produced. The entire skin layer will be completely resurfaced in 28 days. This treatment is safe as it does not impair the epidermal barrier nor cause photosensitivity and pigmentation to darker skin types.

Question: Can you talk about your cellulite reduction services?

Sia Hendry: Cellulite is the name given to the appearance of how fatty tissue pushes through our connective tissue. Just like pushing play dough through and orange bag. If your connective tissue is good then the fatty tissue doesn't push though as much. In order to remove fat from within the cells you need the ability to liquefy it so it seps out and your lymphatic system carries it away. Our technology is able to improve connective tissue as well as breakdown the fat with the cells. These 2 things will improve the appearance of cellulite.

Question: Can you talk us through the Baby By Sia range?

Sia Hendry: The baby by Sia range is a simple 3 step range that helps to alleviate irritated skin as well as prevent further irritation usually caused by chemical body washes and sunscreens. The range is naturally gentle and works with baby's skin. The range contains no nasties or artificial fragrances either.

Question: What inspired the Baby By Sia collection?

Sia Hendry: After helping so many clients with their skin, they started to bring in their babies and children to see what I could do to help them. By this stage their skin was already impaired and needed a healing balm. Which I was able to formulate. However if I only treat the symptoms and not the cause, then am I really helping them? It was this that leads me to formulate a hair and body wash, Washi and a physical Sunblock so that most of the skin irritations could be prevented. Prevention is better than cure.

Interview by Brooke Hunter