Lancôme Energie De Vie

Lancôme Energie De Vie

Lancôme Energie De Vie

To combat urban fatigue, Lancôme turned to a science of the future, metabolomics, to create Énergie De Vie.

A franchise conscientiously designed around a new-generation galenic form, liquid care, for an antioxidant energizing shot of hydration.

Énergie De Vie is the promise of a simple and highly effective routine. Nourishing, concentrated moisture, along with energizing and antioxidant active ingredients, for fresh, re-energized skin glowing with health:

1. The smoothing & plumping Pearly Lotion: this surprising lotion contains a myriad of translucent and evanescent pearls of multiple sizes. On the skin, the nourishing feel of an oil is paired with the intense freshness of a water, for a splash of energy.

2. The smoothing & glow-boosting Liquid Care: the standard bearer of a new vision of Liquid care™ by Lancôme. Comprehensive, all-in-one skincare, designed to be as fresh as a lotion, as concentrated as a serum and as moisturizing as a Lancôme cream. Bursting with moisturizing, antioxidant and energizing ingredients, it leaves skin fresh and radiant and delivers smoothing and plumping effects.

3. The overnight recovery Sleeping Mask: repairing skincare to be applied after a busy day or as a skincare treatment. Its texture breaks into water on the skin, lowering its temperature by 1.8 C° for an intense feeling of freshness.1 Its formula helps to reinforce the skin's natural barrier and maintain its optimal moisture levels.

RRP Pearly Lotion $60 / Liquid care $75 / Sleeping Mask $80
Stockist number 1300 651 991 or www.Lancô