Showerscreen Tips

Showerscreen Tips

The Essential Seven Ss To Choosing Your Showerscreen Tips and expert insights into making the most of this distinctive bathroom feature

Showerscreens are commonly the biggest structure in the bathroom. Beyond function, they affect the space's aesthetic, usage and upkeep. Choosing the most appropriate showerscreen means balancing broader stylistic elements with practical aspects such as size, ease of maintenance and physical design.

For new builds, rebuilds and renovations, here are the seven Ss of selecting the perfect showerscreen.



Frameless showerscreens are comprised of unobstructed thick glass secured by subtle metal clamps or a slimline aluminium frame for low visual impact. They are increasingly popular with interior designers, as they enable the eye to focus on the space's aesthetics, vignettes and material choices.

"In this case, less is truly more. Stegbar's frameless, floor to ceiling showerscreens allowed me to emphasise the bathroom's important stand out elements," says interior designer Nina Maya of her recent home and bathroom renovations, The Glasshouse. Alternatively, semi-framed screens can be used for a more defined, structured look. This option offers the best of both worlds – minimally intrusive screens and a wider glass area for a more spacious feeling with reinforced structural support. Stegbar's Grange collection features slim perimeter frame with crisp defining lines in a modern and minimalist matte black.


Innovative design has re-shaped showerscreens. Instead of the standard sharp angles, consider curved edges for forward thinking style. Rounded frameless showerscreens provide a subliminal softness and flowing feeling, as well as distinct, couture look.
"Rounded shapes were a necessity," says Melissa of the bathroom in her latest project, The Barefoot Bay Villa in Byron Bay. Melissa worked with Stegbar to create custom frameless showerscreens that would mirror the surrounding Byron Bay landscape. "The subtlety of the glass screens allows the lines to subconsciously evoke the shoreline. This is balanced with tiles reflecting the green eucalyptus and terracotta rock of the bushland."



Space is often at a premium in bathrooms. A more effectively designed showerscreen can help regain room without requiring a costly remodel. While hinge and pivot shower door styles require empty space to accommodate their trajectory, sliding and stacking doors move parallel and give more room to move.

Stegbar's Grange slider showerscreens are uniquely designed for spatial efficacy and striking modern style. These frameless doors are designed with minimal visible screw fittings and a corner slider to better utilise space in small rooms. Available made to measure to the exact specifications your unique bathroom, and are installed by the Stegbar team, allowing them to fit any bathroom design.