Shiiba - Layali

Shiiba - Layali
Shiiba will bring a unique perfume experience to the fragrance industry, introducing the memorable spicy scents of Arabia to the Australian market.

Shiiba pure essences are created from the finest ingredients such as Frankincense, Sandalwoods and Agarwoods. With their superior quality, lasting over 12 hours, and compact design, they are ideal for today's fast pace consumer who seeks little luxuries.

Shiiba pure essences are memorable and are decanted into traditionally styled bottles providing a unique Arabic experience. These perfumes are brand new to the Australian market and entice consumers who value distinction. Shiiba invites you try this range of natural pure essences.

'Born at night' Layali is a soft, sensual pure essences with floral fragrance overtones that will make you feel like the queen of shiiba.

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