Seventh Gallery Annual Fundraiser Party

Seventh Gallery Annual Fundraiser Party

SEVENTH Gallery hosting an evening of financial, social and cultural exchange for our annual Fundraiser Party!

SEVENTH is an artist-run initiative in our 19th year of operations. We have a commitment to supporting emerging and underrepresented artists, curators and writers. SEVENTH is run by a democratic volunteer board of artists and arts workers who champion accessibility and inclusion. Our exhibitions and public programming embraces experimentation, risk and diverse artistic practices.

SEVENTH acknowledge the multiplicity of value systems at play in our programs, beyond financial value. Our annual fundraiser will feature a performance program offering of alternative symbolic and cultural capital. The night will include a silent auction of artworks, live readings, music and performances by recent alalumni and community supporters.

Drinks provided courtesy of our partners SAMPLE Brew, Good Drinks and Four Pillars Gin!
All donations will support SEVENTH to provide an accessible platform to emerging, experimental artists.

Alexandra Nemaric, Anatol Pitt, Ashley Perry, Azza Zein, Ben Sexton, Benjamin J Baker, Camila Galaz, Carly Lynch, Clare Longley, Edward Ounapuu, Felix Atkinson, Grace Wood, Guy Grabowsky, IchikawaEdward, Jacqui Gordon, Jessie Imam, John Gosper, Katayoun Javan, Katie Paine, Kieren Seymour, Liam Denny, Lotte Schwerdtfeger, Louise Tate, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Miles Garland Davis, Molly Stephenson, Natasha Manners, Sarah Ujmaia, Sean McDowell, Tash McCammon, Teresa Hsieh, Tess E. McKenzie, Thea Jones, Tori Ferguson, Yiorgo Yiannopoulos, Zarnie Morcombe + More to be announced...

Magic Steven, Melody Paloma, Sista Zai + More to be announced...

Callan, Ceri Hann, Danni McGrath, No Clients, Plastic Loaves, Sabina Maselli, Tace Kelly, Slippage (Hwafern Quach and Phuong Ngo), Sunny Leunig, Terri Dawn Smith, Walter Bakowski + More to be announced...

Dj Plead, Jannah Quill (DJ set), Lalić, Living Currency, Roslyn Helper, Lucreccia Quintanilla + More to be announced...

Seventh Gallery Annual Fundraiser Party!

7-9 MARCH, 2019

ENTRY: $10 suggestion, charged on the door