Serena de Comarmond LGBTI Proposals Interview

Serena de Comarmond LGBTI Proposals Interview

Waiting on bae to pop the question?

To celebrate that same sex marriage is finally a reality in Australia, SKYY Vodka has released a limited-edition rainbow can with an engagement ring 'ring pull' that couples can propose with.

Waiting on bae to pop the question? Here are some of the weirdest proposal trends you need to know about:
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RTD can fitted with a ring

Interview with Serena de Comarmond, LGBTI celebrant, Instant Hotel star and author of Love Me? Love Me!

Question: What are the LGBTI community looking for when it comes to their wedding days?

Serena de Comarmond: Same sex marriage is finally legal and I am so excited to be able to help LGBT couples incorporate all of the beauty, colour and diversity from the LGBT community into their wedding ceremonies! Formal and vanilla weddings are so 2017! Adding a little sparkle and fabulousness to these meaningful and beautiful ceremonies is just what the industry needs!

LGBTI couples are looking for rituals, songs and readings that help to signify the binding together of their two families as well as themselves. They use rituals like the 'blending of the glitter' which entails members from each couples families taking a handful of glitter and pouring it into a jar; as the glitter enters the jar the colours of the glitter are intermingled together and become impossible to separate - this signified that the two families are now blended together forever!

LGBTI weddings move away from the standard traditional ceremonies and add more colour, more music and more guest interaction but at their core LGBTI weddings are deeply emotional. Couples journeys to the alter, for the most part, have been a long road. Even after getting engaged some couples have waited years and years to finally be able to say I do. When they finally have the chance to say those words, there isn't a dry eye in the house; it's electrifying!

Question: What are the craziest proposal stories and trends you've heard, lately?

Serena de Comarmond: One couple I am marrying actually had a holiday booked and while they were away, same sex marriage became legal. They were sitting under the moonlight, on the beach enjoying a cocktail and literally at the same time, the turned to each other and both blurted out "will you marry me?" They were so in tune with each other; clearly it was written in the stars!

A female couple was off skiing and one of the ladies kept complaining that there was something in her ski boot. She kept complaining for an hour until finally, when they got to the top of a mountain her girlfriend had had enough and demanded she take off her boot! As she removed the boot an engagement ring fell onto the snow, and she proposed! Her girlfriend said yes immediately!

A male couple had met on Grindr and had almost instantly fallen in love. They had the most solid relationship and it was an ongoing joke for them with their friends that they found true love on Grindr so when one of them decided to propose he thought he would continue with the joke. He organised a dinner and told his friends he would be preparing the food in front of them. They thought it was weird as this diva never cooked but they went along with it. First and second course went by then it came to the main course which he announced he would need to use a meat grinder to prepare! He put the grinder on the table and asked his partner to sit in front of it, and then he started to turn the crank and with each turn he said to him, "Will... You.... Marry... Me!" As he said it, an engagement ring fell into his partner's hand! And he said "You see! You can find true love on Grindr!" His partner said yes.

Question: Can you share your top proposal tips?

Serena de Comarmond: Traditionally men and women have spent weeks and months trying to plan the perfect proposal but I say, bring back the spontaneity! I mean if you are feeling them love vibes, then get down on one knee, there and then and propose! No matter how much planning and how many props you may choose to use when you propose, the only thing that your partner wants to see is the love in your eyes as you ask those magic words: will you marry me? So stop waiting! Don't waste another minute. I mean, we never really know how long we have left on this amazing planet so if you know in your heart that your partner is the one, get down on one knee and propose!

Question: Can you tell us about the SKYY Vodka Limited Edition Rainbow Can?

Serena de Comarmond: I love the new SKYY Vodka YYES can's! They promote love, passion and spontaneity. If you are out at a party or on a date and you are overcome with love for your partner then you can just grab the ring straight off the can and fall to one knee. I mean why wait? When you know, you know!

Interview by Brooke Hunter