Screw Light Bulbs

Screw Light Bulbs

Screw Light Bulbs

Smarter ways to save Australians time and money.

"Clean, sensible, authoritative- and really interesting. I have seen few books on an issue affecting all of us that are so readable and wise. Even fun!" - Robyn Williams, Science journalist and broadcaster.
"If you're sick of the shouting and wailing from the climate debate, but want to know what's really going on and what can be done about it, this is the book for you." - Tanya Ha, author and television presenter.

Australians are spending more time stuck in traffic, are at risk of more blackouts because of stalling investment in our power supplies, and are being asked to spend more money to act on climate change.

But even now, we're still wasting time and money on solutions that don't work.

Screw Light Bulbs is about how Australians can get serious about tackling climate change while dealing with many of the other problems we face.

Based on years of research and behind-the-scenes interviews, it shows how everyone- from individual to business and governments, in small towns and big cities- can make a difference.

The authors are donating all their royalties to climate adaption work in the Torres Strait and to the International Women's Development Agency.

Dr. Donna Green was recruited from CSIRO to be a founding member of the University of New South Wales' Climate Change Research Centre, where she works on energy policy and climate change impacts. She was a contributing author to the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and has advised on climate policy around the world.

Liz Minchin is an award-winning journalist with The Age newspapers, whose coverage of climate change won the 2007 United Nations Association of Australia's national prize for best environmental reporting. She is also a winner of a Walkley award, Australia's top prize for journalism. She is now working as a news editor.

Screw Light Bulbs: Smarter ways to save Australians time and money
Authors: Dr. Donna Green and Liz Minchin
ISBN: 9781742580685
Price: $32.95