Sammi Constantine Watch Yourself Interview

Sammi Constantine Watch Yourself Interview

After a colossal 2018 packed with performances, features and releases, Sammi Constantine is back with a fierce new pop anthem Watch Yourself. This comes following the highly successful release of her recent hit 'Feel Your Body' which is now fast approaching 100k streams on Spotify alone in the three months that it has been released as well as receiving great Triple J support.

'Watch Yourself' also marks another leap for Sammi Constantine's musical repertoire, with lyrics unveiling the story of an adversarial women, unopposed to exposing those who have done wrong by her. Not only to show the world what she is made of but to put the stigma and judgment around girl power, to rest.

Showcasing a different side of many to her musical journey which has seen Sammi Constantine create huge success through collaborations like on her feature singles 'Limbo' with AIRPORTS and the massive hit 'Need Me' written with Mashd N Kutcher which is now sitting on close to 3 million streams on Spotify alone.

Sammi Constantine's vocals on 'Watch Yourself' fall with a twisting angelic sweetness, creating a powerful contrast between the undulating delivery and the sharp witty meanings. With production from Dylan Nash, who has also delivered additional production on the triple platinum certified single 'Be Alright' by Dean Lewis, 'Watch Yourself' provides a new sonic atmosphere for Sammi Constantine. With accents of tribal drums and a vocal sound comparable to Dua Lipa, this single is set to be a highlight for both yours and Sammi Constantine's 2018's.

Interview with Sammi Constantine

Question: How would you describe your music?

Sammi Constantine: Dark-Electro pop. Sometimes RnB inspired.

Question: What inspired Watch Yourself?

Sammi Constantine: The need for a conversation around girl power but not the classic "go girls" kinda vibe. I wanted to this to feel dominate and empowering. The more bad ass side to "Girl Power" that washes away the stigma behind being a strong independent woman. It's about going out and killing it!

Question: What message do you hope Watch Yourself spreads?

Sammi Constantine: After listening to "Watch Yourself", my goal is to make you feel like you could just go out and kill your demons or anything that is has been haunting you or holding you back!!

Question: How does it feel to hear your track, Feel Your Body, on the radio?

Sammi Constantine: AMAZING and I literally never get sick of hearing any one of my song babies on the radio. After all the hard work creating them, its super exciting to know they are reaching more and more people every play!

Question: Which music/artists are you currently listening to?

Sammi Constantine: Halsey, Julia Micheals, Zara Larson and Billie Eilish.

Question: What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Sammi Constantine: Honestly, no one really and nothing in particular... I just started music with no idea what I was doing nor where it would take me and have been inspired by so many amazing people ever since but I honestly stumbled into this full time and I don't really have a plan B now, nor do I intend too.

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Sammi Constantine: Sia, Halsey or Coldplay!

Question: What's a typical day like?

Sammi Constantine: Depends on the day, but when I'm not in a writing session or playing a show... it's usually just this: Get up, coffee, write, work on my other business projects, many phone meetings, more coffee, gym and a small amount of sleep.

Question: What's next, for you?

Sammi Constantine: Lots of new music!

Interview by Brooke Hunter