Running Heroes

Running Heroes

Run for your country. Vote with your feet. Earn the right to host the Olympic Games.


This was the mantra behind a world-first digital campaign, with a surprising local link, that helped Paris win the 2024 Olympic Games hosting rights. Remarkably, Aussie company Running Heroes, working with their team in France, built the platform that inspired a nation.


Running Heroes, was heavily involved from ideation to implementation, to bring the whole of France together, in this very successful PUBLIC campaign concept, called -ObjectifParis', for the French National Olympic Committee.


The aim of this was to unite the whole country and get all of France moving to underline and demonstrate how much they wanted to host these Olympics.


'The Running Heroes team was tasked with being able to galvanise the country and involve them in a concept around the more the country exercised, the higher their chances of winning the rights to host the Olympic Games.


'It's an incredible thrill for our Australian team to have delivered on this challenge and been a part of Paris winning the Olympic bid. All of the data and results from the digital experience we were involved in creating were used by the French National Olympic Committee as part of their final submission to the IOC", said Sam Canavan, Managing Director, Running Heroes Australia and New Zealand.


The platform created allowed French people to walk, run, or ride, with their usual sports application, GPS watch or bracelet connected. There were different tiers of exercise achievement to earn different levels of ambassadorial status, challenges to push yourself with the chance to win big prizes, the ability to challenge your friends, follow them and share your achievements with them and the opportunity to track all of your activity compared to everyone else involved - ranking your progress.


All the data from the public challenge was tabulated with incredible findings.


'Having the public be so heavily involved in this campaign is very unique and we are so excited that we have been able to inspire everyday French people to track around 4 million kilometres of exercise recently, to demonstrate their support for the bid.


'I can't wait to get Australians involved in a similar fashion when we begin to think about hosting another Summer Games!", concluded Canavan.