Rococo Body Professional Tan Kit

Rococo Body Professional Tan Kit

Beauty and charity in one kit: Support safe tanning and melanoma research this Summer

Finally a salon spray tan is achievable at home. Australia's first, professional quality, take-home self tanner has been launched this week, just in time for Spring racing and Summer, and will officially support the Clare Oliver Melanoma Fund.

The Rococo Body Professional Tanning Kit is the first to use a gas cylinder to provide the same micro-mist tan technology that salons use, with all sales supporting Clare Oliver's fund in an effort to promote safe tanning and assist with melanoma research.

It is the only kit on the market that provides a salon system for use at home, including a gas cylinder, refillable tanning solution and spray applicator. The solution contains 100 per cent pure tanning solution with no bulking agents or fillers, which results in a more even, longer lasting tan.

Creator Louise Mellington recently lost her father-in-law to Melanoma- so the motivation behind the creation of the Rococo Body range and her company Tanning Solutions Australia is close to her heart.

"A tan is seen as great fashion accessory and in Australia it's an obsession. There's nothing wrong with that, but I've seen the danger of UV exposure first-hand, and I don't want the same thing for other Australians. There are other ways to get brown," said Ms Mellington.

"As an industry, we must be offering quality alternatives to reduce the reliance on natural sun exposure and solariums to achieve a tan. The Rococo Body Professional Tanning Kit provides all of the latest technology and ingredients available, giving people an option they can afford and that will provide the kind of results they will be happy with. We are also working to develop other natural tanning products that are derived from fruit."

The Rococo Body Professional Tan Kit is available to purchase online for $69.95 (inc GST). The solution is available in Regular and Dark. It only takes seven-10 minutes to apply and two-five minutes to set. The 250ml solution provides between three-four full body tanning applications (working out to $8-10 per tan) and refills are available for $40 and under.

Please visit: or phone 1300 135 993. The kit can be purchased online.

You can also visit: The Clare Oliver Melanoma Fund has been established to honour the courage and bravery of Clare Oliver. 100% of proceeds from the fund will be directed to Melanoma research, focusing on research collaborations between leading melanoma research and treatment centres.

Louise Mellington has been helping to develop new tanning products for more than six years. She assisted in the development of Australia's first spray tan, Tan in a Can, four years ago.