Rob Hirst and Sean Sennett Nothing More/Nothing Less

Rob Hirst and Sean Sennett Nothing More/Nothing Less

After the success of their 2015 debut album, Crashing The Same Car Twice, Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil/Backsliders) and Sean Sennett (The Incredible Strand) are back with a new single 'Nothing More / Nothing Less'.

'Nothing More / Nothing Less' is the lead track from the duo's forthcoming EP. Recorded between two studios in Brisbane (Black Box and Record Works), the song is a potent mix of Krautrock and psychedelia.

Whereas Crashing The Same Car Twice, in the view of Rolling Stone, captured the "sheer distorted thrill of classic punk-pop", the new work is harder to pigeonhole. Imagine the spirit of 1967 dragged through the desert and you're halfway to creating a sonic picture of what the boys have been up to.

The song was written by Hirst + Sennett with Rob singing lead.

Maybe Rob sums it up best:
"Nothing more, nothing less. Long-haul cross-country guitar-bass-drum driving music... hit repeat, repeat, repeat. Blue-singlet psychedelia/paisley-shirt reverberama. Cruise-outta-control speed at a hundred and thirty. Runaway roadtrain/perpetual motion/run outta gas at the Roadkill motel. The trip is worth the trip"

Expect another new song in June … with their EP Driver Reviver to drop in September 2019.