Rajesh Ramani Kamalaya's Life Enhancement Mentor Interview

Rajesh Ramani Kamalaya's Life Enhancement Mentor Interview

Rajesh Ramani Kamalaya's Life Enhancement Mentor Interview

With the presence of Rajesh Ramani and Smitha Jayakumar at the wellness team as Meditation & Life Enhancement Mentors, Kamalaya Koh Samui offers more options to help guests de-stress and refocus through personal mentoring, meditation, pranayama classes, and complimentary workshops.

Rajesh Ramani, a life transformation expert and esoteric meditations teacher, has trained and worked in spiritual philosophy for the past 14 years. He has travelled and taught in over 25 countries. Smitha Jayakumar has conducted spiritual workshops and mentoring for the past nine years for people from all over the world. Sujay Seshadri has spent the last 16 years working with people to help them discover greater levels of commitment, success, love and increased physical and emotional wellbeing by merely brining about a shift in their perception.

All Kamalaya guests are welcome to join our regular group meditation classes and weekly Stress Dissolution and Mastering Relationships workshops, which are all complimentary. Guests on the Balance & Revitalise and Embracing Change programs will also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with them as part of their program. Rajesh and Smitha also offer Personal Mentoring sessions and a wide variety of private meditation and pranayama classes.

The Mastering Relationships workshops focus on profound universal principles and processes to rejuvenate relationships and take them to a higher level of fulfilment, heal negative past experiences, gain mastery over tools to communicate and create vibrant and authentic relationships.

Whatever the cause of stress – whether it is grief, conflict at work or home, emotional discomfort, habitual responses or feeling an inability to cope – the Stress Dissolution workshops offer insights and tools to bring a balance in lifestyle and belief systems that cause stress.

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Interview with Rajesh Ramani

Rajesh Ramani, a life transformation expert and esoteric meditations teacher, has trained and worked in spiritual philosophy for the past 15 years. Inspired by the vision of making a difference in individuals' lives, as well as the world at large, Rajesh has travelled widely and addressed diverse audiences across the globe. Rajesh joined Kamalaya in 2010.

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary is a multi-award winning resort offering holistic wellness experiences that integrate East and West healing therapies. It features a breathtaking natural environment, inspired healthy cuisine and customised programs. www.kamalaya.com

Question: What inspired you to begin work in spiritual philosophy?

Rajesh Ramani: I started my career as a banker and met my Spiritual Master in my early 20s and had a profound transformative experience. This led to me becoming a monk and then a teacher for the next 14 years.

Question: What is an esoteric meditations teacher?

Rajesh Ramani: Our mentoring team at Kamalaya has worked with Eastern philosophies and practices for more than a decade, studying under teachers in India. We share these techniques to our guests through our mentoring and meditation sessions.

Question: Can you talk us through the type of people who may need to see you?

Rajesh Ramani: Anyone who wants to enhance the quality of their mental, emotional and spiritual life can benefit from our mentoring and meditation sessions. We help in finding emotional balance, dissolving stress, increasing focus and calmness, creating positive habits and also with embracing changes.

Question: How can your sessions overcome negative past experiences?

Rajesh Ramani: Negative past experiences are rooted in unaddressed emotions and repetitive stories. We help people get in touch with their emotions and stories in a space of awareness and non-violence. This opens the doors of freedom.

Question: What changes could one expect after a session?

Rajesh Ramani: We could expect a sense of clarity, lightness, a shift in emotional perception etc. Changes we experience depend on the nature of the issue and the intensity of our awareness. The processes we help people with are focused on giving a glimpse of freedom and hence a paradigm shift in perception. We also support them through take-home practices to sustain their insights.

Question: What is the purpose of meditation?

Rajesh Ramani: Meditation is a practice to -see' oneself as we are. Sustained regular practice could lead to calmness, response from awareness, breaking unhealthy habits, greater acceptance and compassion.

Question: Can you explain what Pranayama is?

Rajesh Ramani: Pranayama is the science of breathing. Prana – is the latent energy in our body, Ayama – means practice. By controlling and affecting our breath, we bring changes in our physical, mental and emotional spheres. At Kamalaya, we teach various pranayamas to calm the mind/body, increase energies etc.

Question: What is your Journey into the Heart workshop?

Rajesh Ramani: This workshop focuses on helping people reconnect with their own self, relationships, nature and the world as such. We take them through teachings and meditative practices.

Question: How can we use your methods to aid in stress management?

Rajesh Ramani: Most stress is sourced in low energy levels and over indulgence out of habits. We teach tools to help in reconnecting to one's heart, mind and body; slow down through mindfulness practices and resolve emotions in a healthy way.

Question: Can we practice these methods at home?

Rajesh Ramani: Absolutely! Spending at least 20 – 30 minutes a day to strengthen our mindfulness; to increase emotional awareness and acknowledging life would go a long way in becoming stress free.

Interview by Brooke Hunter