Prepare Your Kitchen For Christmas Day

Prepare Your Kitchen For Christmas Day

6 Quick Steps For Christmas Day

From Jean-Marc Adele, Refrigeration Expert - Mitsubishi Electric

The kitchen is the entertaining hub of the modern Australian home, and a fantastic place to kick off holiday celebrations. With only days left until Christmas, our tips for kitchen preparation will make putting together your sumptuous Christmas feast a breeze this holiday season.

Commence your kitchen prep with a clean-out of the fridge.
Refresh your fridge by removing expired food and condiments. As well as clearing up space for your Christmas Day ingredients and reducing smells, a clean, minimal fridge will make it much easier to pull together your shopping list ahead of the festivities.

Arm yourself with a shopping list based on your Christmas day recipes.
A shopping list will keep you organised and focused, helping you avoid the temptation to overpack your fridge this Christmas season. As well as saving money, your fridge will thank you for the lack of overpacking which can lead to poor refrigeration and food spoilage.

Shop gradually where possible and plan ahead.
You'll find that many of your holiday feast ingredients can be purchased in advance. Save yourself stress by buying non-perishables ahead of time, and in small, manageable quantities, allowing you plenty of time to pick up anything you've forgotten. In between time with family and loved ones, you may not find the time to restock the fridge -- so be sure to keep a few days' worth of essentials on hand for the days following.

Keep it simple with fresh, seasonal ingredients and a minimal menu.
Fresh, seasonal produce is low-cost and will require minimal preparation in order to taste delicious. Be sure to opt for produce that can be repurposed to suit different recipes, and be sure to use the appropriate section within your fridge in order to keep fresh for as long as possible.

Get a head start, if you can.
This includes defrosting via refrigerator thawing (or your Mitsubishi Electric fridge Soft Freezer drawer), and overnight recipes such as your Christmas stuffing or meat marinating. Christmas means guests galore, which can see the host preparing multiple meals and snacks each day of the holidays, so smart food preparation is key to managing an onslaught of guests. However when it comes to fruits and veggies, it's best to slice these before consuming as they'll stay crisper and fresher.

Be prepared to manage your leftovers.
Freezer space is your friend, and key to reducing food wastage post-Christmas. Make the most of your leftovers by storing and freezing them for safe consumption at a later date. If you have one, your Mitsubishi Electric Hot Freezer drawer will make this a breeze -- allowing you to freeze hot leftovers right off the bat.