Portugal – Covid-19 Travel Rules

Portugal – Covid-19 Travel Rules

Portugal – Covid-19 Travel Rules

The land of Ronaldo, Port wine, and islands – a trip to Portugal can never be missed. So, if you have been planning to any or all of these in the country, we have news for you. Amid COVID, the government of Portugal had implemented several restrictions for ensuring the health and safety of its citizens and residents. However, a number of restrictions have been lifted in order to permit foreign travellers to visit the country. Also, if you are thinking about travelling to Portugal from Canada, the US, the UK, or Asia, you may read this article for gaining information about the same.

With an improvement in the COVID situation in Portugal, the country has started to open its places. The major requirement for them is to follow the rules provided by the Directorate-General for Health along with respecting the measures of sanitation and hygiene. Moreover, the country's tourism has started "Clean and Safe" that permits citizens and tourists to experience higher confidence and security while utilising places of accommodation.

Who can enter Portugal?
Principally, visitors from the nations that have registered 500 or lesser cases of virus per 100,000 inhabitants in the past couple of weeks are permitted to travel to Portugal for the purpose of tourism. Earlier in May, the country opened its borders for allowing travellers to visit in summer for the purpose of tourism. Specifically, the tourists who were allowed to enter Portugal had to be from the UK or European Union Member States. Later, in June, it decided to restrict the entry of arrivals from the United Kingdom, considering the spread of Delta variant of COVID.

Apart from the member states, Portugal allows entry to a number of Schengen Area nations, including Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Further, the government has also removed the necessity of quarantine for individuals with nationalities of Lithuania, Sweden and Cyprus since these nations have reported lesser number of cases associated with COVID-19.

Apart from the countries named above, Portugal has also declared to welcome visitors from the 3rd nations that registered low rates of infection. Therefore, travellers from these countries are allowed to enter the nation:

• Regions of Macau and Hong Kong (Based on reciprocity confirmation)
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Singapore
• Serbia
• Saudi Arabia
• Rwanda
• Republic of North Macedonia
• Republic of Moldova
• Qatar
• New Zealand
• Montenegro
• Lebanon

• Kosovo
• Jordan
• Japan
• Israel
• United States of America
• South Korea
• China
• Canada
• Brunei
• Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Azerbaijan
• Australia
• Armenia
• Albania

US travellers are also permitted to enter Portugal for purposes that are non-essential only if they have a negative test result of PCR.

Entry Restrictions
Travelling from and to any other nation that has not been mentioned above is not permitted by Portugal. In case the traveller is visiting from a country of high risk, they can do so only for essential purposes. This comprises of nations with over 500 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants and where the mutations of the virus have spread widely. Presently, the list comprises South Africa, Nepal, India, and Brazil. Nonetheless, the names can change since the list is frequently updated.

All the individuals travelling from South Africa, Nepal, India, and Brazil are required to offer a negative PCR test report upon arrival. Further, they must be quarantined for 2 weeks and register themselves at the Foreigners and Borders Service prior to entry.

The following travellers' categories are not required to be quarantined upon arrival:
• Individuals visiting the country for less than 48 hours for essential purposes
• Individuals visiting only for the purpose of being a participant in a global competition of sports
• People who are part of the meetings associated with Portuguese Presidency of the EU's Council.

Where can you go?
In case you are planning to visit Portuguese municipalities, where the infection rate is low, you will be able to go to pastry shops, restaurants, and cafes. Further, shopping centres as well as shops are free of restrictions. Presently, cultural attractions can be viewed and visited where the maximum number of people has to be half the capacity. In a similar manner, the public transport is also operating with lesser capacity. You can also spend time at water parks, amusement parks, and fairs.

On the other hand, areas with higher cases have restrictions of time. Cafes, restaurants, and pastry shops must close by 10:30 p.m. and by the same time, the occurrence of cultural events must also stop. Also, irrespective of the area, one is required to wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

The bottom line
Portugal is a country with several attractions and numerous means to spend time on a vacation. Even though certain restrictions have lifted, it is best to be careful. Even if travelling from your country is allowed by Portuguese government, make sure that you travel safely and take required measures for the prevention of virus.


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