National Water Week

National Water Week

Reimagining Our Water Future:
How To Play Your Part This National Water Week

19-25 October is National Water Week and this year, more than ever, Australians are being urged to ensure they are as water savvy as possible.

Held annually during the third week of October, the theme for National Water Week this year is Reimagining Our Water Future. Hosted by the Australian Water Association (AWA), National Water Week is set to make a splash nationwide, inspiring Australians to be water aware.

So, what are the biggest myths surrounding water conservation and what can you do to make a difference?

• My water consumption doesn't make a difference: Wrong! Every single person (and drop of water) counts. Making small changes to your everyday routine, such as ensuring taps aren't running while you complete daily tasks, will cut your water consumption down significantly.
• The earth is covered in water: False. Whilst it's true that two-thirds of the earth is made up of water, only a tiny fraction (1%) of that can be used for drinking purposes. Of that 1%, much is impacted by pollution and overuse.
• When it rains often, saving water is unnecessary: Untrue. Even when it rains heavily, water still needs to be conserved. Make sure to reuse rainwater, as well as water from your baths, showers or kitchen sink by diverting water from your drain pipe into a wheelie bin or bucket to water plants and your garden.
• There isn't an increased demand for water globally (or 'the demand for water globally isn't that high'): This is far from true. In fact, the global demand for water is growing at an alarming rate (it has tripled over the last 50 years). Conserve water in clever ways to reduce this, such as when using your washing machines or dishwashers. These appliances can use up to 80 litres of water per cycle, so make sure yours is fully loaded each time to ensure you're making the most of each wash!

Carmel Krogh OAM, President of the Australian Water Association said: "Having faced many months of drought throughout this year, the importance of conserving water is more pressing for Australians than ever before."

"The belief that each of us playing our part, no matter how small, won't make a difference is far from true. It's crucial that every single Australian does their bit to help conserve water by adopting new lifestyle changes into their everyday routines. Only then will Australia be able to reimagine our water future."

Mina Guli, National Water Week campaigner, "With the world's population growing, huge stress is being put on our water resources. To combat this, it's imperative that we reimagine the way that we use and reuse water to ensure that there's enough of it for future generations."

"Simply by reducing your shower to four minutes instead of ten minutes, or not running the hose and instead using a bucket filled with water to wash the car can save litres of water per year. This National Water Week, I encourage everyone to think about how they can work together to ensure a more sustainable water future."

Get involved this National Water Week by joining one of the many scheduled events, including Water Night (by Smart Approved WaterMark), Walk for Water (by WaterAid) and AWA's short film competition.

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