Plastic Surgery Does Not Have To Mean Vanity

Plastic Surgery Does Not Have To Mean Vanity

Aussie Mum says: "My skin was bleeding in between the 3 folds of skin on my stomach due to weight loss. I lost all the weight and didn't get to reap the rewards."

Carolyn Anti is a 42-year-old HR Manager and Mum of two girls aged 13 and 11. Carolyn decided to lose 40kg to look like herself again.

Carolyn says: "After years of battling demons related to history of sexual abuse and eating to suppress my emotions. I wanted to be a role model for my kids. I wanted to look good and feel good, more energy and be a better version of myself."

Unfortunately, after losing so much weight, Carolyn had excess skin on her stomach. Her skin was bleeding in between the folds which was very painful. Carolyn wanted to see a female plastic surgeon.

She explains: "I saw Dr. Anh because she was a female surgeon and the bedside manner of many male practitioners was disappointing. My skin was bleeding in between the 3 folds of skin on my stomach due to weight loss. I lost all the weight and didn't get to reap the rewards."

"I had an abdominoplasty. Total of 9kg skin I was told in 2016 then returned in 2018 for thigh and arm lift due to same reasons. Skin was bleeding and rubbing due to hanging so much."

Carolyn advises anyone else who wants to lose weight that weight loss is a 'head game'.
"If you have demons you need to face them and get help. You have to do it for yourself and no-one else. Ask for support and help. I failed many times because I wanted to please others. You have to love yourself and believe you want to do it for you."

"Cosmetic Surgery is the best thing I have ever done. Changed my life. It's not a walk in the park. If you listen to Dr Anh and trust her team they support, you and get you through the process. Once again you have to do it for yourself as you only have one life to live. It changed my confidence, self-worth and of course I could wear the clothes I always wanted that I couldn't do even after I lost all the weight."

The main groups of patients that Dr. Anh sees for tummy tucks include Mums or both men and women who have excess skin and need it to be reshaped and tightened after weight loss.

Dr. Anh meets with the patient and his or her support network to discuss their concerns, what they want to achieve, she also examines the patient to see what skin and muscle work may be needed. She explains the risks and procedure. The op itself is usually 3 to 4 hours. The patient spends a couple of nights in the hospital. It can take up to two weeks to regain mobility.

Dr. Anh believes in excellent aftercare. Patients receive a mobile number to call if they have any issues. She motivates and inspires them through their recovery and inspires them to make healthy lifestyle changes. As part of the surgery, Dr. Anh helps patients care for their scar e.g. laser is incorporated into the treatment.

Dr Anh says:" A Brachioplasty is an arm reduction or lift. This procedure is performed to remove excess or redundant skin from the arms – sometimes referred to as "tuck-shop arms" or "bingo wings". Upper arm skin tends to sag with age, as well as after significant weight loss. This approach aims to reshape the underside of the upper arm, from the armpit to the elbow, to create a more toned and balanced appearance, with the potential benefit of being able to wear sleeves outfits, or more fitted clothing comfortably. A thighplasty procedure aims to tighten and reshape the area, resulting in a smoother, better-proportioned contour of the thighs and lower body."

Carolyn remembers that the recovery for her thigh and arm lift surgery was tough.
"Dr Anh warned me it would be a tough journey. Wound infections on both upper thighs near groin. It was really tough. Dr Anh and her team worked tirelessly to get me better and the wounds needed patching up every 3rd day. Her nurses were so supportive and nurtured me through they were amazing, and I stayed the same although a few breakdowns along the journey to recovery. "