Justine Switalla Keep Moving In Winter Interview

Justine Switalla Keep Moving In Winter Interview

Interview with Justine Switalla, Founder of Fit Healthy Mums and Ethical Nutrients

Question: How do you find inspiration to exercise especially on colder mornings?

Justine Switalla: It is important to set yourself goals, that way you have a clear idea of what you need to do in order to achieve them. Make a plan and commit to it! I know it can be challenging to find the motivation to get up and out when it's cooler, but if you make a commitment, you are more likely to get up and go. I also give myself little treats every now and then. If I've committed to the gym two or three times in a row, then I get to go out for dinner or have that extra piece of chocolate.

Question: Why do our aches and pains increase during winter and what can we do to fix them?

Justine Switalla: The cold causes your muscles to lose heat and contract. That makes you feel tight everywhere, including in your joints. When that happens, your muscles lose their range of motion. The key things to do is to stay warm, keep moving, eat an anti-inflammatory diet, and try to get in the sun for a dose of vitamin D when you can. A natural supplement like FLEXIZORB Active Joint Support can also help improve mobility and flexibility from 10 days if you do experience joint stiffness, aches or pains. I think it's important for people to consider joint care at all ages, not just as you get older, and my recent foot injury really brought this into focus for me!

Question: What nutrients do we need to increase or include in Winter?

Justine Switalla: It is vital to keep your immune system healthy to keep cold and flu symptoms at bay. Fruits and vegetables are natural immune boosting powerhouses full of nutrients such as antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals which can strengthen the immune system. Zinc is a key nutrient for a healthy immune system and can be found in lean meats and poultry, seafood, dairy and wholegrains.

Question: What foods will aid in creating healthy joints?

Justine Switalla: Load up on dark green leafy vegetables, healthy fats, turmeric and lean protein. These foods are great for not only healthy joints but an overall healthy diet.

Question: Should we turn to supplements for increased joint support, during Winter?

Justine Switalla: While it is very important to focus on eating a well-balanced diet to support your health and fitness goals throughout winter, sometimes you need an extra boost. If you're living with aches and pains in your joints, you don't have to! It's worth considering a supplement like Ethical Nutrients FLEXIZORB Active Joint Support which can help support nutrient requirements for healthy joints during the colder months and beyond.

Question: What five foods could you not live without?

Justine Switalla: Greens, chicken, cheese, oats and fruit. They're the staples of most my meals!

Question: Can you share your favourite Winter recipe, with us?

Justine Switalla: This is a recipe from my Fit Healthy Mums plan - love porridge in winter!

Walnut and Banana Porridge


½ cup water
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
½ cup quinoa flakes or oats
8 walnut halves, crushed
¼ small banana, finely chopped
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon rice malt syrup


Bring water and half of the milk to the boil.
Add quinoa or oats and cook for 2-3 minutes, stirring well until thick and all the liquid has evaporated.
Pour into a bowl and serve with remaining milk, walnuts, banana and cinnamon.
Drizzle rice malt syrup on top and stir well.
Serving Tip: fantastic with a handful of berries for an extra antioxidant hit!

Question: What's next, for you?

Justine Switalla: I would love to expand my Mind Body Overhaul and Fit Healthy Mums programs. I am currently working on Mind Body Overhaul 3.0 which will incorporate Pilates and a huge focus on the core as that is a problem area, especially for mums. I also want to look into creating my own app so that I can help empower and educate more women to be their best selves. I also want to run more retreats and connect with more women in person.

I have had a lot happen in the last three months after dealing with a foot injury, and Ethical Nutrients has been a great support on my road to recovery. For me moving forward, I really want to knuckle down and put all of my learnings into action in the hope that I can help women to get on top of their goals and learn to love the skin they are in. Find me on Instagram @justine_switalla and follow my journey.

Interview by Brooke Hunter