Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial

Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial

Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial

Anti-Free Radical Facial - A radical skin repair facial for deep hydration!
Pevonia's Anti-Free Radical facial is the best solution for dehydrated and lack-lustre skin.

The non-surgical face lift leaves the skin toned, hydrated and visibly radiant by combining anti-oxidants that rejuvenate and replenish the skin with stimulating botanicals for outstanding results.

Free radicals can be attributed to environmental pollutants and in the skin they break down the collagen and elastin fibres that cause loss of elasticity and strength.

This advanced treatment battles the "aging" causing enemies with a concentrated mandarin oil ampoule and potent thermal mask.

The treatment begins with a thorough skin assessment, deep cleansing, purifying exfoliation and the application of the nurturing oil ampoule rich in Vitamins A and E which is gently massaged into the skin for deep penetration, protecting skin cells from environmental damage while restoring softness and suppleness.

A unique thermal mask infused with Mint and Lavender is then applied to the skin immediately increasing the circulation as it gradually warms and then cools.

This change in temperature serves to increase the absorbency of all the active ingredients effectively rendering the complexion soother, tighter, brighter and full of luminous colour.

RRP: From $150 (75 minute facial)
Results can be maintained at home with Pevonia's Vitaminic Concentrate, a radical treatment rich with the highest concentration of Vitamins A, E and D, which works to protect and truly nourish skin.
Pevonia's Anti-Free Radical Facial is available in selected beauty salons and day spas nationally. To find out more visit or call 1800 069116

Review: On arrival at Berwick Remedial Dermal Clinic and Spa I met with my therapist, Dani, who determined the most appropriate treatment for my combination skin, that was a little dehydrated. The Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial is an intensive corrective facial treatment that delivers instant visible results.

As soon as I walked into Remedial Dermal Clinic and Spa I was relaxed. Dani spent time talking through the different types of Pevonia products, their ingredients and what the goal was for the Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse facial.

The Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse combines a cleanse, two types of exfoliatation one of which is under steam, extractions, high frequency treatment, ampoule; a face, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage with an eye mask and the high performance mask. You can choose whether you'd like to experience the 45 minute cleanse or 75 minute deep cleanse.

Pevonia has wonderful range of nourishing, natural products and I can guarantee the facial was a total success. Dani used Pevonia combination products on my skin, to balance the differences between dry and oiliness of the skin.

The enzyme exfoliation is activated by the steam during the facial, if you were using this particular product at home you would apply it like a mask and then with warm water use your fingers and massage in a circular motion for one to two minutes and then rinse off. The Pevonia fruit enzyme exfoliation has a beautiful fresh pineapple and papaya smell, the advantage of an enzyme exfoliation over the granules is that they can go that little bit deeper into the skin, for better results.

The high frequency machine used after extractions is run over your skin and this helps create an anti-bacterial affect, so no nasties can get into the skin after extractions.

The stand out product for me was the Pevonia serum, not only did it smell fantastic, with the sweet aroma of mandarin it was smooth on my skin and the smell of the fruit essential oils were beautiful. The serum has a silky texture, has a brightening effect on the skin and absorbs nicely into the skin. The Pevonia serum is one of the favourite Pevonia products for beauticians. The scent is nice and not over bearing and is perfect to use at home after moisturisiers because it is great for dehydrated skin. The serum is to be used as an everyday product before bed product and if you have excessively dry skin it may be worth using it in the morning, as well.

All of the Pevonia facial products contain Vitamin E which is a moisturising antioxidant and Vitamin A for soothing and calming of the skin.

The Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial mask is a professional only mask that begins with a gorge placed over the skin prior to the mask because the mask sets in the texture of concrete and if it was placed directly onto the skin, it would take off the tiny hairs of the face. The gorge also allows the heat to stay in the mask as once the mask is painted onto the gorge it gradually warms up and then after seven minutes the mask begins the cooling process; this process allows all the active ingredients to absorb into the skin. Painted as a liquid the mask sets and the fresh menthol scent soothes the skin. Whilst wearing the mask the skin also constricts and allows for tightening of the skin to help smooth fine lines. The mask stays on the skin for 15 minutes. When I was first told the texture of the Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial mask was like concrete I assumed the mask would be heavy, but it was actually very light.

The 75 minute facial was pure luxury: fresh face products combined with deluxe massages and lovely holiday chat and the soft music and warm room added to the wonderful experience. I was pleasantly surprised at how well my skin reacted to the various products in such a short period of time, providing the high quality of Pevonia products.

My skin was replenished with the high performance mask and is no longer dehydrated. Overall the Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse was a fantastic facial, one I'd highly recommend for those with dry skin who wish to use only natural products on their skin.

Dani recommends a facial every four weeks because it takes 28 days for the skin to renew itself so after 28 days a client will start to see results if they are having professional treatments in conjunction with at home care. Whilst regular facials are a great way to see changes in the skin, there is no harm in having facial more than once a month, if a client wants too. The regularity does depend on skin type, concerns and what the client wants to achieve.

The Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial is fantastic for mature skin, dry skin, dehydrated skin and normal skin types including combination. This particular facial is also great for people who only occasionally have a facial and want to gain the maximum visible result quickly because not everyone can afford to come in for facials, monthly.

The Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial is not recommended for people with severe acne although the occasional spot is okay; the reason it is not recommended is because the facial is too stimulating and there is too much oil making it too rich for the skin. Dani also recommended that if someone is really hyper-sensitive that the Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse Facial may not be for them because of the heat associated with the products.

My therapist also recommended after the Pevonia High Performance Deep Cleanse not to exfoliate for a couple of days because the facial contained two exfoliations; a grain exfoliation and an enzyme exfoliation. At home you could do the grain exfoliation two times a week and the enzyme exfoliation is three times a week product.

All Pevonia facials are 100% customised to the client, Dani stated that she "loved working with Pevonia" because it is "a beautiful range to work with".

Please ensure to tell your therapist if you are allergic to anything that may be an ingredient in the Pevonia products.

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