Penny McShane PAINmate Interview

Penny McShane PAINmate Interview

Penny McShane PAINmate Interview

With one in five (3.2 million) Australians living with chronic pain, making even the simplest of tasks difficult and frustrating at times, consumers are continually on the look-out for effective pain relief solutions to improve their quality of life.

For more than 30 years, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines have been used by individuals and health professionals to relieve pain but until recently, have been expensive, bulky and difficult to operate.

Now, a solution is literally at hand with PAINmate; a new, clinically-proven, completely wireless and remote-free TENS device that can fit in the palm of your hand. From back and shoulder aches to joint and musculoskeletal discomfort, PAINmate instantly alleviates pain when and where it's needed, whether it be from sporting or accidental injuries, health issues or simply due to ageing.

PAINmate is suitable for people aged over 18, and its wireless technology coupled with its small size makes it portable, discreet and comfortable to wear under clothes whilst doing daily activities. Both safe and effective, it provides rapid and targeted pain relief in 20 minute bursts with the option of 15 intensity levels and an auto-shut off feature.

Director of Evomed, PAINmate's distributor, Penny McShane says, 'Living with constant pain makes everything harder and is very frustrating. People want to move away from relying on pain medications, which have side effects or simply don't cut it.

'We're filling a gap in the market with the launch of PAINmate, offering a more affordable and portable TENS option for Australians. Unlike other bulky machines, it's convenient, affordable, light and very discreet; providing targeted pain relief where it's needed most.

'We're excited to offer an effective TENS device to Australians that is supported by many physiotherapists and this unique solution is already proving to be extremely popular."

TENS technology works by blocking pain signals safely and effectively through fast electrical impulses which override the slower pain impulses which travel along the nerves, enabling patients to live without pain.

Allowing for up to 50 uses before the batteries and gel pads need to be replaced, PAINmate is available in pharmacies or online for $49.95 RRP (no GST) and refill packs are available for $19.95 RRP (no GST). For more information, visit

Interview with Penny McShane, Director of Evomed, who distributes PAINmate

Question: What is the PAINmate?

Penny McShane: PAINmate is a portable, affordable, discreet, wire-free TENS device.

Question: What does the PAINmate treat?

Penny McShane: The PAINmate TENS machine provides pain relief for; back pain such as lower back pain, joint pain such as; shoulder, knee, and hip joint pain, neck pain (place on back of neck only), and musculoskeletal pain.

Question: What body parts can the PAINmate be used on?

Penny McShane: Mostly back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs. Really everywhere except; head, front of chest, front and sides of neck, or genitals.

Question: What conditions does the PAINmate typically treat?

Penny McShane: PAINmate provides pain relief as opposed to treatment for back, joint, neck and musculoskeletal pain. The PAINmate may assist with a variety of conditions that cause pain.

Question: Can you share a PAINmate success story, with us?

Penny McShane: Tania Darlin, 6/8/15 'This PAINmate TENS device is fantastic for RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME! I have suffered with this irritating condition for as long as I can remember, I have tried all the medications available, which do give relief for a while, until the body builds resistance. I saw this little device in a pharmacy, read the information leaflet, and just thought I would give it a go for my legs. The price of $49.99 I thought was affordable and worth taking the chance on. The reason it caught my attention, is because it is wireless, and I thought the vibration may detract from the irritating, uncomfortable feelings in my legs. They were driving me crazy! Anyone who is a sufferer of this condition would understand….lol. Anyway I am so glad I bought this device, it's incredible, the relief aaaaahhh! About the only thing I could say that would make the product better, would be for the manufacturers to sell them in twin packs….one device for each leg. But apart from that, it's brilliant for what I wanted to use it for. I really hope this post helps other RLS sufferers, I swear this is the relief you've all been searching for. In saying that, RLS is not what the TENS device is marketed for, so this is my own experience!"

Question: How often does the PAINmate need to be charged?

Penny McShane: The battery provided with the PAINmate lasts up to 50 hours and often more.

Question: Can PAINmate treat sporting injuries?

Penny McShane: We would never claim to treat any condition, but it is possible that the PAINmate will assist with pain relief depending on the injury and individual. Please seek advice from your healthcare professional before treating any injuries.

Question: Why is PAINmate best for people over the age of 18?

Penny McShane: As they are adults and better able to judge their pain, use the product etc. Most medical devices should only be operated by an adult, people over the age of 18.

Question: How long does it take for the PAINmate to eliminate pain?

Penny McShane: Again this is very individual. The device might provide immediate relief as soon as it is turned on, as it is blocking the pain signals from when it is turned on until it is turned off.

Interview by Brooke Hunter