Brooke Nichole Lee Ocsober Campaign Interview

Brooke Nichole Lee Ocsober Campaign Interview

Brooke Nichole Lee Ocsober Campaign Interview

Life Education Australia is challenging Australians in 2015 to lose the booze and give up alcohol for 31 days this Ocsober! Why not join some familiar Australian personalities, entertainers and health experts and abstain from alcohol to support Life Education this October.

This year's Ocsober Ambassadors include musician and activist, Angry Anderson; Australian journalist and former Wallaby, Peter FitzSimons; the Australian Baseball League, Professor Gordian Fulde from the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine; TV news presenter, Georgie Gardner; TV personality, Natalie Gruzlewski; Kellie and Matt Hayden, Founders of The Hayden Way and former Australian cricketer; actress Brooke Nichole Lee; Australian Olympic athlete, Steve Moneghetti and TV news presenter and author, Jacinta Tynan.

Money raised during Ocsober will support Life Education, the Australian not-for-profit organisation that is synonymous with -Healthy Harold', and its preventative health programs which are taught across 3,300 schools each year. Life Education is seeking to raise $700,000 through Ocsober to empower 700,000 Aussie kids through its health education programs, which teach children to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices.

In 2015 Ocsober has also partnered with some great social media ambassadors. These online ambassadors include, Colette from The Hiit Mum, Aanika at The Active Mum, Nikki at BellaMumma, Marielle at Healthy Girls Love, Gian at Wayward Son, Dane at The Healthy Tradie and Lee at Fitness in the City, all of whom are giving up alcohol and helping spread the Ocsober message this October.

Signing up for Ocsober is an easy way to help do something about the growing danger of binge drinking and alcohol abuse, particularly among young Australians. To register, please visit

Interview with Brooke Nichole Lee

Question: What inspired you to become an ambassador for Ocsober?

Brooke Nichole Lee: At first, I was inspired to be an Ocsober ambassador because of my history with Life Education. Having gone to St. Hilda's School on the Gold Coast, I know the team and Healthy Harold well. As a primary school student, I was taught all of the important information that I have taken with me through my adult years. However, once I looked into Ocsober closer, I was shocked by the statistics about underage drinking. I didn't realise just how much of a problem it really is! This really inspired me to get on board and help make a difference. It's also a great opportunity to please your body and mind and start over fresh. I want to help teach others and inspire them to give this challenge a go and to see how much stronger they can be after.

Question: As an ambassador for Ocsober what do you hope to raise awareness for?

Brooke Nichole Lee: I really want to help bring awareness to Life Education and Healthy Harold. What they do, and the team that works there are incredible and selfless. I also want to help inspire adults to teach the youth around them about the side effects of alcohol abuse. Children look up to their parents and aspire to be like them - so parents need to make a good example for their children. Health is just a bonus!

Question: Why should other women join you in giving up alcohol for the month of October?

Brooke Nichole Lee: I really think that women in particular can benefit from this. Taking a month off of drinking gives you the chance to take a step back and evaluate why it is you drink. It lets everything slow down long enough for you to feel the benefits of just a month. It also allows your liver to cleanse and start anew. When the month is finished, no doubt you will notice that your alcohol consumption will have dropped – it's like a fresh start. It's also great for weight-loss, hormones and brain function.

Question: What will you drink instead of alcohol throughout the month of October?

Brooke Nichole Lee: I am actually taking it on myself to try and drink more water! I never seem to get enough water in a day… But if I am out with friends, I'm going to go for something fruity like a fresh squeezed juice… yummy. Maybe as a treat - a hot chocolate ;)

Question: Why is important that Australians cut down on their alcohol consumption?

Brooke Nichole Lee: Alcohol can be a great treat when celebrating or just to wind down. However, Australians are relying on alcohol more and more and binge drinking is become a real problem. We are teaching the children around us that binge drinking is okay but it isn't, it's linked with some really serious health issues and obesity!

Question: What advice do you have for other Australians joining Ocsober?

Brooke Nichole Lee: Ocsober isn't hard. This is the way you should be living your life. Don't think of it like a diet or the fact that you can't have something. Think of it as the start to a new healthier lifestyle. Focus on the positives. Waking up feeling great, saving money, and more time to spend with your loved ones.

Question: How can Australians support you and Ocsober?

Brooke Nichole Lee: You can help support me by donating through this link:
You can also keep up to date with how I am going through my social media channels:

Question: What's the main piece advice you'd give a young adult about alcohol?

Brooke Nichole Lee: Youth goes by so quickly - don't let it be a haze in your memory. Savour and remember every moment. Make smart decisions.

Question: What's next for you?

Brooke Nichole Lee: At the moment I am finishing my studies at university while working on a few small projects. I am also in talks with some producers about an exciting big project that I can't say anything about just yet - so stay tuned.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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