PartyLite Pop Fusion

PartyLite Pop Fusion

PartyLite Pop Fusion

Bring 'colour blocking' to interiors with Pop Fusion scented candle range

PartyLite, a global party-plan distributor of signature homeware accessories and candles, is excited to launch its Everyday 2011 Vol.2 seasonal catalogue.

A highlight of PartyLite's new candle, homeware and accessories collections is the new Pop Fusion range, which brings the strong "colour blocking" trend to interiors.

In fashion, colour blocking is about clashing primary colours and acid brights together. In interiors, this look is best applied in accent pieces. Keep larger pieces in neutral colours and colour block with Pop Fusion's Tealight/Refillable Holders ($21.95 each), Colour Lites Votive Holder ($33 each with any two votive 6-packs) and Pop Fusion Tealight Holder ($14.95 each).

Pop Fusion works in any room, with bright colours and fine fragrances that create an upbeat and uplifting mood. The coordinating fragrances are; Citrus Bloom Citronella (cream), Orange Zest (orange), Lime Twist (green) and Berry Blast (magenta).

With its focus on innovation and fine fragrance, PartyLite has launched the GloLite Pillar Candle Collection. These unique artisan pillars burn only on the inside, leaving a glowing full-length candles. The collection comes in Calm Waters, Sea Salt & Driftwood and Iced Snowberries fragrances. RRP $64.50 for set of 3.

Add modern glamour to any interior with the Reflective Tealight Cylinders ($89.95 set of 3). Metallic finishes and clean lines on a reflective chrome metal base make them perfect for adding sophistication to your tabletop.

This exclusive range of home accessories and candles is only available through PartyLite Consultants. Visit to find your local Consultant.

With over 68,000 consultants worldwide, PartyLite is the world's largest party-plan distributor of candles and home decorating accessories. PartyLite has been a leader in the art of creating ambience and entrepreneurial home business opportunities for over 35 years. Using recyclable materials and energy-efficient technology, PartyLite promotes environmental sustainability and responsibility.

PartyLite Australia is committed to corporate social responsibility and is a proud sponsor of the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia (CHFA), donating tens of thousands of dollars per year to the national charity.