Olay Whips UV SPF 30

Olay Whips UV SPF 30

Olay redefines UV protection with new Whips UV SPF 30 range of priming moisturisers

Following the successful launch of Olay Whips which quickly became the #1 New product of 2019 in Australia with its "light as air" formulas, Olay has launched its Whips UV SPF 30 range for daily protection against UVA/UVB rays.

Olay Whip UV SPF 30, the brand's latest skincare innovation transforms the experience of using a daily SPF in your skin care regime, boasting its famous 'light as air' finish, coupled with UV protection for high-potency results.

The launch of the new SPF 30 range follows years of research by Olay, which revealed startling insights around Australians' use of daily sun protection. Barriers such as greasiness, inconvenience and interaction with make-up were preventing more than 70% of women in Australia from protecting their skin on a daily basis1, despite UV radiation levels rising.

Olay Whip UV SPF 30 moisturisers address these concerns with a multi-tasking, all-in-one effective solution, to provide powerful and protective hydration with a smooth, matte finish; the perfect primer for make-up. Available in the Regenerist, Total Effects and Luminous collections, these moisturisers help to protect against Australia's harmful UVA and UVB rays, while providing youth-restoring benefits, whether you're looking for smooth and firm skin texture, tone perfection or overall nourishment.

Olay's Principal Scientist, David Khoo, said: "Australia's high UV index is a major factor in premature skin damage. To uncover that 7 in 10 women in Australia don't protect their skin daily is a great cause of concern. We needed a product that could make SPF more appealing and be easily incorporated into the everyday make-up routine habits of consumers. Australian women are looking for the perfect all-round beauty product, something Olay is famous for. Olay Whip UV SPF 30 Moisturisers offer the potency of a high-performing moisturiser that leaves skin hydrated, without the heavy and oily texture typically associated with sun cream products."

The Olay Whip UV SPF 30 Moisturisers are now available in all leading groceries and pharmacies, RRP: $48.99.
Olay ambassador, Jesinta Franklin, said: "I have been using Olay's Luminous Whip as part of my skincare regime; I love how it glides onto my skin and acts as a two-in-one make-up primer – perfect in my busy lifestyle!

"I couldn't be happier that the range now includes SPF protection! Protecting my skin against Australia's harsh climate is so important to me, but I find most sun cream products are too greasy and they don't sit well under my makeup. Olay Whips UV SPF 30 is the perfect all-round beauty product; it's the best sunscreen and make-up primer that keeps my skin shine-free – especially important in Sydney's humid weather."

How Olay Whips UV SPF 30 Work:
Olay Whip moisturisers are formulated with Active Rush Technology™, which hold and quickly release 1000x its weight in hydration and active ingredients directly to the skin, transforming from a cream to liquid at first contact, allowing fast absorption with a breathable feel.
Working hard to prevent melanin, spots and ageing caused by UVA and UVB rays, Olay Whip UV SPF 30 moisturisers also contain the brand's pioneering Solar Sheer Technology™ which combines Broad Spectrum sunscreen with Niacinamide and Glycerin, two of Olay's best known and proven moisturising agents. The range protects against UVA and UVB rays while hydrating the skin to keep it looking fresh and healthy all day and season.

Product Ingredients and Benefits:

Olay Regenerist Whip UV SPF 30 – RRP $48.99

Advanced Wrinkle Reduction: Olay's famous red jar, but in a whipped SPF 30 formula. It contains Olay's hero ingredients: Niacinamide, Carob Fruit extract, Pentapeptides and Hyaluronic Acid with SPF actives.

  • Controls shine and provides a matte finish, even after 8 hours. Skin feels light and smooth all day.
  • Instantly hydrates and primes skin for all-day make-up wear.
  • In 2 weeks, skin is noticeably firmer and more elastic.
  • In 4 weeks, significantly reduces lines and wrinkles.


Olay Total Effects Whip UV SPF 30 - RRP: $48.99

 Advanced Anti-oxidant Protection: It nourishes and revives tired-looking skin with its complex of Niacinamide, anti-oxidants (Green tea, BHT) and SPF actives.

  • Controls shine and provides a matte finish, even after 8 hours. Skin feels light and smooth all day.
  • Instantly hydrates and primes skin for all-day make-up wear
  • Fights 7 skin concerns: dull and tired-looking skin, uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone, fine lines, enlarged pores, dark spots and loss of firmness.


Olay Luminous Whip UV SPF 30 – RRP: $48.99

 Advanced Brightening: Formulated to even skin tone, improve radiance and minimise the appearance of pores. The formula contains Niacinamide, Inositol, anti-oxidants (Green tea, BHT), Zinc and Magnesium salts.

  • Controls shine and provides a matte finish, even after 8 hours. Skin feels light and smooth all day.
  • Instantly hydrates and primes skin for all-day make-up wear.
  • In 2 weeks, evens skin tone and reduces appearance of pores.






Building on an already brilliant rich and luxurious cream moisturiser, Olay now have added sunscreen to protect your skin against the harsh elements. With minimal texture difference, your skin can breathe while still being protected against harsh UVs.

The Olay Whip ranges delivers on it's promises reducing wrinkles and firming the skin.  It's light but luxurious on your skin, and doesn't leave you with that clogging feeling. It also makes a great primer.  What I love most about Olay Whip is that it doesn't irritate my skin, which makes it a perfect choice for sensitive skin like mine. Through these cold months when skin gets dehydrated by cold air and heating, 2 daily doses of Olay Whip has given me amazing results with floorless plumped unbroken skin. A winter glow even, thanks Olay very reliable.



1 Galaxy research commissioned by Olay across 1,000 women in Australia, May 2016.