Olay Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment

Olay Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment

Olay Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment

Fight dark spots and discolourations for luminous looking eyes

The highly innovative Definity range that redefined the concept of 'what ages skin most,' has announced the newest edition to the tone correcting anti-ageing skin care line up - new Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment.

New Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment fights what ages eyes the most - dark spots, discolourations, lines and wrinkles - for luminous looking eyes.

Evolutionary biologist Dr Bernhard Fink has conducted research which has revealed just how important the eye region is, not only for social communication and but also the role it plays in facial attractiveness. 'The eyes have It' research paper collated by Dr Fink has collected statements from a total of two hundred participants aged 40-65 years from across four countries with participants answering a list of questions relating to skincare and ageing. The findings showed that the eyes are crucial for communicating a person's age, health and attractiveness.

The survey revealed that women are highly concerned about the look of their eyes which is no surprise considering people regard the eyes as the facial feature which shows the signs of ageing more than any other facial feature. The research also revealed some interesting findings in relation to ageing around the eye area. According to Dr Fink, "The vast majority of women favour an eye-care product which lets them free up their eyes, so they don't have to wear make-up or sunglasses to mask the signs of ageing." The research also revealed that most people know it is not only lines and wrinkles around the eyes that contribute to the eye area looking older, but also dark spots and discolourations.

Armed with these insights Olay has developed new Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment which combines breakthrough dual-swirl technology with an intensive clear gel and an inner spiral of concentrated serum. The intensive clear gel hydrates to strengthen the delicate eye area, visibly reducing wrinkles whilst the concentrated serum diminishes the look of under eye darkness. The eye area appears brighter and smoother, darkness and shadows are diminished and the eyes appear more luminous. Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment is fragrance-free and Dermatologist tested so it's also gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Sought-after International makeup artist Mary Greenwell, whose impressive list of celebrity clientele includes Keira Knightly, Cate Blanchett and Demi Moore, loves new Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment. "There's huge buzz around this new anti-aging intensive eye treatment and for good reason: it starts to brighten and lighten the eye area from the first application. It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles day after day, whilst also reducing the appearance of dark circles, discolourations and dark spots, leaving your eye area looking more even in tone. I love to mix Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment with a bit of concealer to leave the eye area glowing - it's the perfect trick for creating a flawless makeup look," says Mary.

This product has been so successful that US Allure magazine* awarded Definity Eye Illuminating Treatment both their prestigious Editors Choice Award (for best eye cream for dark circles) and their Readers Choice Award (for breakthrough product) in their 2008 Best of Beauty Awards . Here in Australia it had been a favourite amongst Vogue readers who were the first to try Definity before it launched in Australia last year.

Olay Definity Eye Illuminator helps to restore a look that's highly defined - truly luminous. Its dual action formula:
Illuminates the complete eye area and smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles with a spiral of concentrated serum
Strengthens the delicate skin around and under the eyes, firming skin's outer layers due to a hydrating, intensive clear gel containing Definity's Essential Glucosamine Complex

The Essential Glucosamine Complex is a key ingredient that combines two powerful skin-enhancing ingredients - Niacinamide and N-Acetyl Glucosamine:
Niacinamide is scientifically proven to help boost skin's collagen levels, restoring your skin's inner glow. And, because collagen also happens to be important for keeping away the lines and wrinkles, Niacinamide can help provide smoother, firmer skin
The combination of Niacinamide and N-Acetyl Glucosamine is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin discolouration, resulting in a more even, luminous skin appearance

Apply after cleansing with Definity Illuminating Cream Cleanser and moisturising using your preferred Definity moisturiser
Pump the product onto the tip of your ring finger - a little goes a long way
Place small dots around the eye area - under eyes, outer corners, brow line and eyelids
Gently massage until the intensive clear gel and serum combine and are thoroughly absorbed into your skin
Use morning and night as desired

NEW Olay Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment
RRP $39.99 AUD
Available where Olay products are sold. Please call 01800 028 280 for stockists