Avia Labs Sunless Tanning Gel & Skin Glow

Avia Labs Sunless Tanning Gel & Skin Glow
AVIVA LABS comprehensive range of professional sunless spray tan solutions and skin care products have something for every body - every skin tone and skin type - and their philosophy of putting your health before beauty, means they are committed to using only superior, essential natural ingredients so you can achieve a beautiful, safe and healthy sunless tan!

Aviva Labs Sunless Tanning Gel

It's Different! This colorless gel goes on streak-free, dries in seconds, and stays luminous for up to 7 days! It is perfectly formulated to deliver beautiful tans for every skin type. The Gel contains the Skin Rejuvenating System, which heals dehydrated and prematurely aging skin while controlling the formation of free radicals that damage cells.

Aviva Labs Sunless Tanning Gel is the nearly foolproof way to a perfect, natural-looking tan.

Key Benefits:
Provides natural-looking tan
Oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free
Infused with Vitamins A, E, D and Dead Sea mineral salts
Perfect for facial and body application
Designed for all skin types

Avia Labs Skin Glow

Aviva Labs proves its mastery of the science-and art-of enhancing your skin. The Skin Glow's rich, lightweight formulation complements your body's natural chemistry to perfect and prolong your most attractive tan. It moisturizes as it rejuvenates the skin and is perfect for body and facial applications. It can be used to enhance an Aviva Labs sunless tanner or used alone for several consecutive days to build a natural, healthy glow.

Key Benefits:
Creates a healthy, radiant and youthful glow
Helps to maintain and extend the life of your tan
Infused with Vitamins A, E & D
pH balanced
Designed for all skin types

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