OC Naturals Rose & Patchouli Rejuvenating Body Wash

OC Naturals Rose & Patchouli Rejuvenating Body Wash

New bottles on the block - OC Naturals modern packaging with a conscience

Are all bottles in your bathroom created equal? The answer is no. But if you're an OC Naturals convert you'll be pleased to know this Australian brand is leading the way in sustainability and has unveiled its Hand and Body Wash bottles in a new green look, that's recyclable and guaranteed to look great in the bathroom too.

Inspired by the healing properties of plant-based ingredients, OC Naturals has been developing naturally-derived formulas for its products since 1986, establishing themselves as pioneers in the category and natural brand of choice among Australian families.

Housed in a natural shade of bottle green, each fragrance found in OC Naturals Hand and Body Wash range has been carefully formulated to create a journey for the senses, from the bestselling Vanilla Ylang Ylang to the luxurious Coconut Crème and Rose & Patchouli.

Avoiding the use of synthetic ingredients wherever possible and being completely free from harsh detergents, petrochemical cleaners, parabens and mineral oils also ensures OC Naturals products are effective and gentle on the skin.

With plant-based formulations that have proven records of efficacy, safety and sustainability, OC Naturals Hand and Body Washes are not only kind for your skin, but kind for the planet too. Not one to compromise on quality, OC Naturals began looking at alternative packaging options after experiencing a continued degradation in the clarity of clear recycled PET (plastic) used in its former transparent bottles.

Additionally, the new design needed to be completely free from carbon black pigment to ensure that the packaging could be recycled into bottles again and again.

Elise Synnott, Personal Care Marketing Manager of Natures Organics, says that not only is OC Naturals new green bottle complementary to modern bathroom decor, it symbolises a visual representation of Natures Organics green philosophy.

"As an industry leader in the use of recycled plastics, Natures Organics has long been committed to creating an 'endless bottle philosophy'. An idea that encourages the use of creating packaging with recycled plastics, which can be recycled to create new bottles over and over again," Elise says. "While a black or amber tinted bottle would have solved OC Naturals clarity problem, most dark plastics contain carbon black pigment making them impossible to be detected through the sorting process and therefore aren't able be recycled into future bottles.

"As a result, we have been able to create a beautiful Hand and Body Wash bottle made from recycled PET supplied by Visy, that's free from carbon black pigment, making it 100% recyclable. Allowing us to continue making bottles from bottles."

While amber and dark bottles containing carbon black pigment are sorted into mixed recycling, unfortunately there are minimal uses for mixed recycling in Australia so the bottles often end up in landfill or are flown overseas.

When plastics end up in landfill after only being used once, it can never be recovered. Plastic is inert and stays dormant for a very long time, but when it does eventually break down it turns into microplastics that can pollute the environment.

Natures Organics commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of its business and in addition to having each bottle made on site, sustainable energy sources like solar power has been installed, reducing the company's carbon emission by over 4,500 tonnes since installation.

"Natures Organics is always looking at new and innovative ways of producing environmentally friendly and sustainable products," Elise says.

"We're currently looking at what products in the OC Naturals range can support refillable pouches that can be conveniently recycled the same way shoppers currently return their plastic grocery bags, helping reduce plastic waste by up to 80%.

"There are plenty of switches that Aussies can make at home to reduce their impact on the environment, but ensuring we use our recycling bins correctly is a great first step.

"Familiarise yourself with what items can go into what bins and check with your local council for clarification if you're not sure. It's a simple step but together we can make a monumental impact."

About Natures Organics
Family owned since 1981, Natures Organics believes in creating environmentally responsible products of the best quality at affordable prices for the everyday Australian. With a commitment to sustainability Natures Organics saves over one million kilograms of plastic from landfill every year.
OC Naturals Hand and Body Wash range has been formulated and bottled at Natures Organics Ferntree Gully site with the purpose of creating high quality products at affordable prices for everyday Australians. Each wash in the range is vegan, cruelty free and made from plant-based formulas that are kind to your skin, making them free from nasties like parabens, petrochemicals and harsh detergents.