Nutrimetics Comfort Skincare Range

Nutrimetics Comfort Skincare Range


Comfort by Nutrimetics truly innovative skincare to nurture and care for delicate and sensitive skin.

To develop this unique range we started with two simple ingredients: Honey and Oat Milk - both of which are renowned for their abilities to calm redness and soothe irritation.

Then, using our expert dermatological understanding of the complexities of sensitive and delicate skin, we developed five skincare essentials, free from fragrance, colour and alcohol, to calm and soothe delicate skin whilst delivering the care and nourishment needed for a soft, smooth, beautiful complexion.

The real test came when a group of 50 dermatological patients with highly sensitive skin trialled the Comfort range during clinical testing at a leading independent hospital in the UK. 98% of these eczema- prone patients reported Comfort to be perfectly compatible with their skins needs, proving that Comfort is the ideal choice for sensitive and delicate skin.

Comfort Soothing Cleansing Crème 150ml RRP $42.00

Cleanse away make-up and impurities with this rich, creamy formula, enriched with Honey and Oat Milk to soothe and calm redness and irritation. Can be rinsed or tissued off.

Comfort Gentle Toning Lotion 200ml RRP $42.00

The gentlest of toners, this alcohol-free formulation is enriched with Honey and Oat Milk to soothe and calm the skin whilst toning and purifying the complexion. The skin is optimised, ready for moisturisation.

Comfort Calming Day Crème 60ml RRP $54.00

This creamy moisturiser nourishes as it nurtures, delivering essential moisture to delicate skin while Honey and Oat Milk calms and soothes, leaving skin soft, smooth and comfortable.

Comfort Relaxing Night Crème 60ml RRP $59.00

Wake to soft, smooth, comforted skin. This rich, creamy formula nourishes dry, fragile skin as you sleep, while Honey and Oat Milk calms, soothes and nurtures.

Comfort Nourishing Eye Creme 20ml RRP $52.00

Hydration is essential to preserving the appearance of the highly delecate eye area, so this lightweight creme intnsively hydrates while Honey and Oat Milk soothe and calm, leaving even the most delicate skin soft, smooth and comforted.

Available via Nutrimetics Consultants or 1800 802 151 or for further information visit:

Review: Nutrimetics is gentle on the skin, ideal for sensitive skin, or skin prone to irritation.