Noughty Girls

Noughty Girls

After much critical and box-office success in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth in 2018, The General Public are serving up some serious LOLs at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019 with their hit show Noughty Girls: a 2000s pop- culture comedy. Brace yourself.

Noughty Girls: a 2000s pop-culture comedy is a MUST SEE at this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The trio caught the eye of critics in 2018 winning an Emerging Artist Award at Adelaide Fringe Festival, being hand-picked by Sydney Comedy Festival to be part of their Fresh Program for the best emerging talent, finished off their hugely successful year performing at Woodford Folk Festival and are now heading to Melbourne this month.

Noughty Girls started over coffee between three childhood friends and long-time creative collaborators Kimberley Greaves, Hannah Grace Fulton and Courtney Ammenhauser. The trio have been making backyard horror films and provocative dance routines since the late 90s in their Far North Queensland hometown of Mission Beach. The idea was inspired by the girls' impending 10 year high-school reunions, and is loosely based-off their own shared childhood.

"I was surprised at how eager everyone was to have a reunion in the first place", says Kimberley. "We have each other on Facebook. We already know what everyone's been doing these last 10 years."

"The 2000s was when the internet-age exploded, and I think it's really interesting to look at how that shaped us as millennials and what pop-culture was revealing to us at the time. There is an embedded nostalgia in the show, but it's told through the eyes of us as grown women today, so we satirise Australian culture, body image bullshit, the representation of women in the entertainment industry, and modern relationships (to name a few). Above all, it's about the survival of female friendship." says Hannah.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Trades Hall, crn Lygon and Victoria sts
28 March - 21 April
9.30pm (8.30pm Sunday, no shows Wednesday)