Nore Hoogstad NTA Interview

Nore Hoogstad NTA Interview

Interview with Nore Hoogstad

Question: Can you tell us about your health journey?

Nore Hoogstad: As I got older, my health began to decline until I felt so unwell and was so lacking in energy that I couldn't work full time or live the life I wanted. I feared this was ageing and sought medical advice to no avail. Eventually I discovered functional health, and through a process of gut healing and eating targeted foods, I've restored my health energy back to high levels.

Question: What does healthy look like to you, now?

Nore Hoogstad: Healthy is not having to plan my day around limited energy levels. Healthy is running my own business, which is demanding and non-stop, being able to go on long hikes and do yoga, continuing to learn and study to my heart's content, and travelling. It's also writing books (I have a novel coming out soon).

Question: Can you tell us about what a healthy diet looks like, to you?

Nore Hoogstad: Right now, I love eating homemade food more than eating out, but I have a few favourite cafes I love as well. I always eat gluten free and unprocessed foods, and usually two meals a day, sometimes with a light snack. My plate consists of 75% vegetables, including potatoes, and grass fed or wild caught animal protein with some healthy fats, mainly olive and coconut oil with a bit of butter and ghee. I love to have some legumes or grains when I feel like it, maybe once or twice a week. I try and listen to my body.

Question: How did a different diet change your life?

Nore Hoogstad: I went from feeling like my life was seeping out of me and that it was over, to having the physical and mental energy to restart it in a totally new and surprising direction – Nutritional Therapy.

Question: What was your time like in the NTA?

Nore Hoogstad: I was already a health coach, but the NTA gave me the unique tools and structure I was searching for to help empower others to heal at a deep level. There is nothing generalised about Nutritional Therapy. It asks each body what nutrition it needs now. Importantly, the NTA made me feel I had at last found my 'home'.

Question: How did this drive your passion to create your own business?

Nore Hoogstad: The NTA course gave me the knowledge, tools and confidence I needed to back myself to start a business. I already knew a lot but had to framework for how to apply this knowledge. Also, the NTA community is incredibly supportive and positive so I never feel alone. Whenever I've needed advice, people have been quick to help.

Question: How do you juggle your business with your lifestyle?

Nore Hoogstad: This is something I'm still learning as business can take over your life. I'm getting better at setting boundaries. But really, because I love what I'm doing, and although it requires discipline, a lot of what I do doesn't feel like work. It's my passion.

Question: What's a typical day like, for you?

Nore Hoogstad: I get up early, walk my dogs and have a cup of tea at a café with my partner. Then I work all day, either at home writing blogs, creating social media or analysing client data; talking to prospective clients or replying to client emails or texts; or I see clients in the clinic or at home. I also give regular talks and workshops, and run online health challenges, so creating them is something I chip away at. At night I listen to a webinar or do some reading, followed by a bit of yoga and meditation before sleep.

Question: What advice do you have for women who are craving job satisfaction?

Nore Hoogstad: For me becoming my own boss was not an easy decision and it takes time to build an income. But I'm helping empower people to get better, which is an incredible feeling that gives me more satisfaction than working in the high-powered jobs I used to have as a diplomat, senior government advisor and in corporate communications.

Question: What's next for you?

Nore Hoogstad: I'm just beginning! I want to build my client base, run online courses, write a book, and give more talks to reach more people as I truly believe that helping people eat targeted real food not only helps them heal and feel more calm, but supports a better environment too.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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