Drew Ackerman World's Most Boring Podcaster Interview

Drew Ackerman World's Most Boring Podcaster Interview

World's Most Boring Podcaster Putting Thousands of Australians to Sleep

'Boring may well be better when it comes to finding your formula for sleep' says Drew Ackerman the global sleep master whose podcast 'Sleep with Me', enjoys a staggering three million downloads each week.

With an estimated 39.8 percent of Australian adults experiencing some form of inadequate sleep1, and more than $5.1 billion a year being spent in health care and indirect costs on issues related to sleep" the search for sustainable sleep solutions has become more intense than ever.

Already with 150 000 Australian devotees to his deep slumbering voice, the global sleep sensation has released a one-off Australian-inspired podcast in partnership with Flordis ReDormin Forte, an evidence based natural sleep medicine, with the new original podcast set to put listeners to sleep whilst meandering in their minds amongst Aussie landmarks, the focus for his show.

Suffering from sleeplessness for many years, Drew shares his insights into creating a 'formula' for sleep, encouraging Aussies to get the most out of their bedtime routine with his own formula – a boring bedtime story, a natural therapy and a cup of tea or other relaxation activity.

Australians struggling to get enough quality shut-eye will be heartened by the research showing a clinically researched combination of Valerian and Hops, can help provide relief from problems getting to sleep or waking during the night.

A herbal medicine containing Ze 91019, has been shown in research to support both cycles. Preclinical research suggests it may do this by acting similarly to melatonin, which is increasingly released towards the end of the day (affecting the circadian cycle), and by acting on adenosine receptors, which can help promote sleep onset.6 Caffeine can block adenosine receptors, which means that Ze 91019 may act in the opposite way to the popular stimulant. Further research shows Ze 91019 can help restore healthy sleep patterns over two weeks, reducing time spent awake and increasing time spent in the deeper, restorative sleep stages.

In studies of Ze 91019, the formula was shown to help patients drop off to sleep more quickly, spend more time in the deeper, restorative stages of sleep and to wake fewer times in the night (if at all).

Patients in a clinical trial reported feeling refreshed after two weeks of treatment.

Interview with Drew Ackerman

Question: How does it feel to be titled the World's Most Boring Podcaster?

Drew Ackerman: Being the world's most boring podcaster is really an honour. It means I get to use my natural talent of speaking nonsensically without getting to the point for good use, even here in Australia where 150,000 Aussies listen to my podcast. After learning that 39.8% of Australian adults experience some form of inadequate, I'm glad I can provide an outlet for people to try and get some rest.

Question: Can you tell us about Sleep With Me?

Drew Ackerman: Sleep With Me is a bedtime podcast with meandering stories that helps take the listener's mind off of whatever is keeping them awake, kind of like a children's bedtime story. But my stories are not engaging enough that you feel the need to fully pay attention or listen to the end. With my podcast you have full permission to drift off at any time you wish.

Question: What inspired you to create Sleep with Me?

Drew Ackerman: I have struggled with sleep since I was young and that really inspired the podcast. I understand the pain of insomnia and I want to help anyone other there get the sleep they require as it is essential to overall health and well-being.

Question: Where do you find inspiration for your bedtime stories?

Drew Ackerman: I am always on the lookout for sleep story ideas. This episode I made with Flordis ReDormin Forte is a great example of this. I take a sleepy tour of Australian landmarks like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Twelve Apostles, even The Big Banana. Each landmark gives me some sleep tips and teaches me a little Aussie slang. It is dreamy and silly and I hope it can help some of your readers find some rest. They can find the episode at https://www.flordis.com.au/sleepformula/#podcast

Question: Can you talk us through the science behind these drawn-out bedtime stories that send listeners quickly to sleep?

Drew Ackerman: I'm not really sure about the science behind the show, but I come from a place of relating to the pain of sleeplessness and wanting to help keep the listener company and take their mind off of whatever is keeping them awake. Children have been getting bedtime stories for a long time and I just thought that adults might like some too.

Question: What inspired the partnership with Flordis ReDormin Forte?

Drew Ackerman: I really think the idea of a smart and effective formula for sleep is important. I want to help people discover what works for them- is that is a sleepy podcast, a bath and a good book, cuddling with pets or talking to their Doctor about natural alternatives such as Flordis ReDormin Forte.

Question: What is Flordis ReDormin Forte?

Drew Ackerman: Flordis ReDormin Forte contains Ze 91019, which is a clinically researched combination of Valerian and Hops plant extracts, which helps relieve sleeplessness and help restore healthy sleep patterns. This exclusive formula has been studied worldwide for over ten years and used by millions of people: it has been shown to help relieve night-time stress and reduce the time taken to fall asleep, while supporting a deeper, more restful sleep. Well tolerated with no reported morning drowsiness, ReDormin Forte helps to reset the sleep cycle and increase time spent in the restorative sleep stages so you can wake feeling refreshed

Question: What's next for you and Sleep with Me?

Drew Ackerman: Sleep With Me is about to cross 800 episodes, so I am excited about that. Right now my passion is just helping as many people as possible find good sleep, either through my show or setting on the path to discover their own smart formula for sleep.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.