Nokia joins forces with Dinosaur Designs

Nokia joins forces with Dinosaur Designs

Nokia and Dinosaur Designs have joined forces to create a limited edition homewares range inspired by the beautifully crafted Nokia 6500 classic and 6500 slide mobile phones. Working together was a natural fi t as Nokia and Dinosaur Designs share a commitment to excellence and creativity. They both have a passion for developing new and innovative products that consumers love.

The Nokia 6500 Limited Edition Range from Dinosaur Designs comprises of two unique,handcrafted pieces that have been specially created as both a bold design statement and apractical, yet stylish mobile phone holder for the two Nokia 6500 mobile phones.The Beep Bowl and the Buzz Dish are made out of transparent and black resin, and cast in onepiece with soft organic contours. These limited edition pieces refl ect the colours, shape andform of the handsets.

Mobile devices are about much more than just technology, representing a statement ofpersonal style. As such, Nokia and Dinosaur Designs have created something unique andbeautiful to showcase the Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide in the home.

"We see Nokia as setting new standards in mobile phone design, introducing new techniquesand materials, and turning excellence in industrial design into objects of personal style"- Dinosaur Designs team

About Dinosaur Designs
Since its beginnings in 1985, Dinosaur Designs has grown to become one of Australia's mostsuccessful and distinctive design companies. Led by Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and LianeRossler, the company has carved a unique niche in the market, creating distinctive homewaresand jewellery.

Dinosaur Designs now stands as one of most successful design based businesses in Australiawith stores in Sydney, Melbourne and New York as well as exporting to countries worldwide.The company has built a reputation for its design excellence and creativity. Over the years hasDinosaur Designs has contributed to exhibits at the Guggenheim Museum and as a testamentto their work have been commissioned by designers Louis Vuitton to create a chess board.Their undeniable popularity has fi rmly established them within the Australian design elite asone of our country's leading design teams.