Nivea Sun Summer Products

Nivea Sun Summer Products

Nivea Sun Summer Products

Nivea Sun has you covered, so you and your precious ones can enjoy moments in the sun together.

There's no argument that the best thing about the Aussie summer is being outside. However it's important to remember that the harsh Australian sun is a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, Nivea Sun has a whole range of sun care so that you can enjoy your time in the sun and be assured that the whole family is protected.

Nivea Sun Kids Swim and Play Protection Lotion SPF30+ 150mL
Kids love swimming in pools and being at the beach, but extended exposure to chlorine and salt water can irritate their delicate skin. So Nivea developed Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play Protection Lotion especially formulated for little ones.
Caring Panthenol - a special form of Vitamin B that soothes stressed skin, strengthens its natural barrier and prevents it from drying out, even when continually splashed with water
SPF 30+ broad spectrum filters
Four hours water resistance
RRP $13.95

Nivea Sun Ultra Beach Protect Sunscreen Spray SPF30+ 200mL
For ultra tough protection at the beach, Nivea Sun Ultra Beach Protect Sunscreen Spray is the way to go. And now the hard working sunscreen is available in an easy to apply spray formula.
Increases your skin's natural defenses against exposure to UV rays at the beach (due to 25 per cent reflection from sand and water)
Rich moisturisers help to alleviate skin from that dry and tight feeling caused by heat and salt water, allowing you and the family to enjoy sun-loving activities while feeling hydrated for longer
Four hours water resistance, for protection in the water
A convenient spray bottle, for easy application
RRP $17.25

Nivea Sun Light Feel Every Day Sun Lotion SPF30+ 200mL
So, you understand the importance of sunscreen but just hate the feeling of thick lotion?
Then this is the sun care option for you.
An ultra light, sophisticated formula that is designed to feel like a daily moisturiser. The secret is in the fine powder mixed in the special light oils that create a featherweight texture
A new improved SPF 30+ formulation which now has four hours of water resistance
It's easily spread and rapidly absorbed into the skin
RRP $16.43

Nivea Sun allows the whole family to keep themselves protected so you can enjoy summer, rather than hiding from it.
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Review: I love the gentle feel of Nivea Sun, it doesn't clog my sensative skin, but has a long lasting moisturising effect.The new kids formula, glides on effortlessly, with long lasting protection. Nivea are a *5 star sunscreen at an affordable price.