Dermalogica Age Smart

Dermalogica Age Smart

Dermalogica® Works to Remove Years off Your Appearance by introducing AGE Smart™ MultiVitamin Thermafoliant™

Today, more than ever, the desire for fresh, healthy and age-defying skin has found its way to the top of the priority list. With the myriad of environmental aggressors we face every day such as pollution, chemicals in food, and sun damage, this becomes even more relevant.

Just when you thought the AGE Smart system couldnt get any better, the skin health experts at Dermalogica are introducing MultiVitamin Thermafoliant to the all-star AGE Smart line up! This self-heating skin polisher softens, smoothes and refines skin texture while targeting and controlling the main biochemical triggers that leads to skin ageing.

How It Works:
Skin care professionals recognise exfoliation as one of the most effective treatments for addressing skin ageing. With maturity, our skins natural desquamation process slows, causing a build-up of dead corneocytes at the skins surface. This decrease in cell turnover is also accompanied by a slowdown in the cell renewal rate (the speed at which new cells are regenerated at the lower levels of the epidermis). The result is a dull, dry, leathery look to our skin that is often associated with skin ageing.

MultiVitamin Thermafoliant contains physical and chemical exfoliants to help stimulate cell turnover and accelerate cell renewal rates, providing substantial improvement to photodamaged and prematurely-ageing skin. A unique self-heating technology activates upon contact with skin or water to help facilitate penetration of multivitamin actives into the skin. In addition to being an amazing skin polisher that softens, smoothes and refines skin texture, MultiVitamin Thermafoliant contains the ingredients known to target and control the three main biological triggers that lead to skin ageing. After just one use, skin is noticeably smoother with improved texture.

Key Ingredients: Magnesium Oxide, Silica and Sodium Bicarbonate create a fine mineral powder blend that polishes away dead skin cells, allowing active multivitamin ingredients to penetrate deep into skin, helping to control skin ageing at the source. Lactic Acid, Citric Acid and Salicylic Acid are alpha and beta hydroxy acids that stimulate exfoliation of cells, leaving a smoother skin surface more receptive to receiving actives from age fighting ingredients. Prickly Pear Flower Extract boosts activity of skins natural desquamation enzymes that are responsible for breaking desmosomal cell attachments. Pure Vitamin A (stable in this anhydrous formula) helps reverse the signs of ageing by normalising cells and stimulating new collagen formation while gently exfoliating. Vitamin E smoothes skin. Stable form of Vitamin C encourages skin-strengthening collagen. White Tea Leaf Extract and Licorice Root Extract are forms of Polyphenols that protect skin from free radicals (ROS) while inhibiting collagen-degrading MMP enzymes and the formation of AGEs in the skin.

A potent antioxidant, Soybean Seed Extract, fights ROS, reduces inflammation in skin, inhibits collagen-degrading enzymes (MMPs) and stimulates new collagen synthesis while inhibiting the formation of AGEs.

Application Technique:
After cleansing, apply MultiVitamin Thermafoliant to damp skin. A more intense result can be achieved by using directly on dry skin. Move fingertips over skin with light circular motions for 1-2 minutes, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use 2-3 times per week.Suggested Retail Price: $85.00 for 75 ml.

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